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I had previously spent huge sums of money with another well known seo company. It turns out that I learned more and accomplished more success with DataFlurry's help in hours than I did in months of service from my previous SEO company. DataFlurry employees are knowledgable, friendly and able to explain technical aspects of website and search engine optimization to the layperson in an easy to understand way. Joel has exceeded my expectations, provided much more value than his fees warrant, and helped me tremendously to improve our search engine rankings and visibility of our site. Data Flurry came in under budget and ahead of schedule on all the projects we undertook to improve our web sites. Data Flurry gave us value for our dollar, excellent turn around and exceptional customer service. Thank you for your help DataFlurry!
Michael Ferguson
Fabrication industry
No words can truly express how DataFlurry has been a major help and security to me and my company. My support manager is always there when I need him! I will not entrust any other business with my website needs.
Maria Della Casa
JeannieBottles.com, Sony
DataFlurry has been nothing but patient with me in my quest to get my Virtual Tour website up and running. Turnaround time is lightning fast. Support is either a phone call or email away. I highly recommend the services of Dataflurry.com to anyone needing or having an online presence.
Richard Rosal
Dynamic & Virtual Productions
DataFlurry produced incredible results. They are like a team of magicians that help make your products disappear off of your shelves. Plus, their prices are reasonable. My internet business was on a steep decline, however DataFlurry stepped in and managed to turn around the steep decline and bring it to an upswing. Website traffic has never been higher and I am ranking very well under hundreds of traffic producing key terms. Thanks DataFlurry!
Larry Iselli
Rarely does a company inspire me to submit comments, but DataFlurry.com has been a diamond in the rough. I have been working on my .com companies now for 10 years. DataFlurry.com has provided me with web site optimization and incredible customer service. Out of the dozens of SEO companies I have contacted and/or worked with in the past 10 years, DataFlurry has offered better customer service and performance than all other providers. DataFlurry.com has it right! They took the time to learn my site and then took the time to learn my abilities and goals. DataFlurry provided me with not only cost effective optimization services, but they also provided me with priceless information and advice. By working together we have improved some very important key words by over 50% in the last 30 days and counting. I spent in the last two years over $14,000 in optimization service, DataFlurry.com has provided me with more knowledge and service in the last 45 or so days then my last optimization company did in two years. I look forward to a long business relationship with DataFlurry.com.... Thanks Again
Louis Godin
Event Coordinator
I was looking to increase my number of students. I talked with other services and found that they were more expensive than Dataflurry, and didn't seem as knowledgeable. Being skeptical I hoped for a slight increase in clients. As I have dealt with other companies and seen poor results. After 2 months I found that Joel was right, my business is doing much better than I had expected! I am at near full capacity. I feel this was a tremendous bargain that Dataflurry gave me, and I am more than satisfied. And I will continue with them. And I would highly recommend them to anyone!!!
Thomas Collett
Vocal Teaching Academy
I contracted with Joel from Data Flurry to develop keywords for my site and to give me guidance on how to improve my traffic. Joel optimized the keywords for me and we have already noticed an increase of traffic. The best part about the increased traffic and hits is that they are quality leads. People are serious about what they want and serious about obtaining the help. He worked within our budget which limited him on everything he would have liked to do. However with a clear understanding of the budget restrictions, he not only went forward but he showed and shared with me what I could do myself to improve the credibility of the site and improve its position. I have never emailed a question to Joel without receiving a quick response, a suggestion as to what I can do; and a total willingness to grow my business. They even took a voluntary look at our children charity site and did a few changes to it, without being asked and without one penny compensation. This is the kind of business partner we all need. I highly recommend this company. "Expect A Sold Sign"
Maureen Karpinski
Owner of Real Estate Brokerage
Working with Joel at DataFlurry has been instrumental to our organic search engine success. Joel helped us set reasonable expectations and then followed through on his promises to meet those expectations. I'd highly recommend working with DataFlurry for any of your organic search engine needs.
Jeff Walden
Windows & Doors Company
DataFlurry are miracle workers. Before we partnered with DataFlurry, our organization could not be found within the first 30 pages of any search engine when using simple terms to search for businesses in our industry. Within weeks of partnering with DataFlurry, not only were we on the first or second page for all of our search terms, but we saw an increase in the number of phone calls as a direct result of search engine searches. I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to technology or search engine optimization, but Joel and his team were there for us every step of the way to ensure that we knew what we needed to do on our end and so that we understood the process better. I have never seen anybody provide the level of customer service that DataFlurry provides. If I had a question, I knew that I would receive an immediate response; and I did. If you want to partner with a company that will produce search engine optimization results with the type of customer service that cannot be found elsewhere, look no further. I would not trust any other company for our search engine optimization needs. Thank you to Joel and his team at DataFlurry!
Mike Testa
St. Pauls Academic Academy
Dataflurry is a great SEO firm to work with. We hired them to help us with SEO in a very competitive legal market, one of the most competitive in California if not the U.S. Within 30 days we started to see marked improvements in our rankings and placement on Google. The team at Dataflurry is responsive, helpful, and professional. We had alot of questions and they answered all of them. Our firm went from having a few terms on the first page of Google and Yahoo to having 33 terms on page one, and now many terms appear on page one. We have had a significant increase in traffic to our website, and the number of calls per week to our office has jumped, especially in one particular area, federal crimes. We have picked up new cases and clients from Dataflurry's work on our business, and we feel that the team there actually cares about helping us, not that we are just another client who gets lost in the shuffle. I would recommend them without hesitation.
David Cohen
Attorney at Law
I could not be happier with DataFlurry and their work for The O'Connor Law Firm. Even though we have only been working with them a short time, we have already seen dramatic results. Given the highly competitive nature of Personal Injury Law, I am even more impressed. The level of customer care and responsiveness is unparalled. I would certainly recommend them to anyone with SEO needs.
Matt O'Connor
Attorney at Law

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