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Client Testimonial

"No words can truly express how DataFlurry has been a major help and security to me and my company. My support manager is always there when I need him! I will not entrust any other business with my website needs."

Mario Dela Casa

About Dataflurry

2007 was the birth year of Dataflurry. Dataflurry was founded on extensive experience in the search engine optimization and marketing field. The owner of Dataflurry saw a massive need for experienced intelligent organic search engine optimization, paid SEM and local search services! Knowing that their was a major lack of experience available for small and medium businesses; Dataflurry has come to fill that void.

Small Company, Big Results

Dataflurry is a small company, and we enjoy it that way. We enjoy providing one-on-one service with our customers, this allows us to have a personal relationship and a large amount of accountability to our loyal customers.

DataFlurry's services have enabled our clients' to achieve top rankings in the major search engines including Google, Yahoo!, Bing and others!

The reason we succeed is simple!

We understand the mechanics of the search engines and have a large amount of experience and knowledge in the industry.

Many SEO companies focus on obtaining 1-3 top rankings for their clients. Dataflurry understands how to organize your website to make your company relevant for a vast number of popular and long-tailed keywords and phrases.

Exceeding your expectations is our ultimate goal! We look forward to welcoming you to the Data Flurry family.

About Dataflurry