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Google’s Research Results – Search Ads are good for boosting brand awareness

Search ads or search advertising is considered by many experts as one of the finer points in a search engine marketing (SEM) strategy. Search advertising is the method by which you can place online ads on various web pages that are brought up as a result of search engine queries. Search advertising services are offered […]

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Phone Book Obsolete, Internet Is Place To Compete

Please Comment – Tell Me The # Of Times You Used The Phone Book In The Past Year! I have a large family, and I have a lot of friends from all aspects of life (young to old) being an internet entrepreneur working with large numbers of business owners.  I have asked 10 close friends […]

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Phoenix AZ SEO Firm Holds A Stunning Survey

Founder of well known and successful Phoenix Arizona search engine optimization firm Dataflurry held a survey of hundreds of search engine optimization customers that have signed up for seo services from other companies to improve their organic search engine results. The questionnaire was based around whether or not search engine optimization customers were satisfied with […]

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