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If your business is in the finance industry and you have a website, you need cutting-edge search engine optimization in order to achieve maximum results for your business.  There are billions of websites online, few of which make it to the top rankings.  This is where you need to be if your desire is to attract new clients and increase revenue.

When people search for what you have to offer, they seldom go further than the first page of results.  Is your finance business ranked up there, visible and in plain sight of anyone and everyone searching for your services or product?  If not, your company is missing the boat.  Proper SEO and website marketing strategies are essential if you want your business to flourish and rise above the competition.

When it comes to optimizing your site, it is a complex process that requires the knowledge and expertise of professionals who know this business inside and out.  Algorithms constantly change, as well as effective internet marketing methods.  Both on your site and off, many different processes must be implemented correctly in order for your business to be highly visible and attractive to the search engines and your visitors.

Effective finance search engine optimization & internet marketing involves many things.  On site, your pages must be optimized correctly for your chosen key terms and phrases.  The content should be original and compelling, effective titles and description tags must be created.  Then comes all of the off site work, which is just as crucial as what is displayed on your website.

Creation of content off site is essential for a high page ranking as well.  Articles must be written to drive traffic and help ranking, manual backlinks from authority sites need to be obtained, and press releases written and submitted.  In many circumstances, a corporate blog is beneficial as well.  Additionally, your site needs to be submitted to popular web directories.  All of this work helps your link popularity, which is extremely important in the eyes of the search engines.

Are you experiencing the results you expected with your finance business?  If not, you need to consider hiring a company providing reputable search engine optimization services to turn things around.  In just a few months, you could actually be ranking on page one for your chosen key terms and phrases!  The benefits of this kind of positioning is likely more than you could ever imagine.

Have you expanded your car dealership by going online with a website?  SEO and website marketing for Car Dealerships are two vital areas of building a successful and profitable online business.  In order for prospective customers to find you, it is essential that you rank highly with the search engines.

The fact that you put a website online does not mean that your business will experience any benefits.  Without proper search engine optimization services and internet marketing practices, no one is going to see your website.  Most people looking for your products or services are not going to find you unless your business shows up on page 1 or 2 when they perform a search.

SEO is the process of optimizing your website for your highly profitable key terms and phrases, along with great content that compels your visitors to stay on your site.  This involves creating meta tags and good titles as well, which many business owners are not familiar with.  Off page tactics include writing articles, distributing press releases and building manual backlinks to further insure your car dealership business achieves high visibility.

Search engine marketing is a term that often gets confused with SEO.  While both are used to drive targeted traffic to your site, there is a difference.  SEM involves using paid advertising to drive traffic, such as pay-per-click ads.  If you are not careful, using these paid methods can burn a whole through your cash in a heartbeat.  This method requires some knowledge in order to make it a successful part of your internet marketing campaign.

Building a corporate business blog is another aspect of building a successful and highly visible online business.  Your blog should help create a unique brand for your car dealership, and emanate professionalism and integrity.  As you can see, building a successful online presence takes quite a lot of work using several different marketing methods.

All of this is quite an undertaking, especially when you don’t fully understand how it all weaves together in a complex way to propel your business and website to the top of the rankings.  The most successful online businesses employ the services of an experienced search engine marketing firm to insure they get all of the exposure they need to become highly successful.

Could your car dealership benefit from a flood of highly targeted traffic and increased revenues?  If your business isn’t as active as you would like, consider letting SEO experts take the wheel.  In just a few months, your business will climb to the top of the search engines, and blow your competition away!

What do Microsoft and Google have in common? They are both industry titans and both of them have a strong research and development team that keeps churning out new services and applications more than once a year. The year 2009 has definitely started with a bang for Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp. as they are getting good reviews for their innovative approaches towards the subject/area of Internet search and communications.

So much so that co-founder of Apple Inc., Steve Wozniak mentioned to a reporter that he’s “a big fan, now” of Microsoft’s Bing search engine, which according to him is “astounding”. Why is the Bing gaining so much popularity? The Bing search engine actually does a lot more where surface information is concerned vis-à-vis Google. Let’s look at an example: If you are searching for a particular company then you will find that some of the top results on the search engine page will show links to the company’s store locator, customer service, and similar but relevant and helpful information.

Bing is considered as a great alternative to the Google search engine and in fact any other search engine, because it will help you save a lot of time as well as the hassle of trying to find specific information within a website. So if you want to go to “contact us”, you don’t have to really visit the homepage of a website and click from there; you can directly go from the Bing search page.

According to experts of the industry, using Bing means that you will get to see the Internet through the corporate values of Microsoft. For example: Bing will always bring up the best match for your keywords right on top vis-à-vis the most popular in Google. Another salient aspect of Microsoft’s Bing is that it is easy to use.

Microsoft Bing is now ready for testing and developers are being invited to use the Beta version. According to Microsoft spokesman, “Bing is a brand new “decision engine” that was supposed to come out late last week, but we only had a placeholder over at Now though the Bing search engine is live, and while some of the features impress, we’re not always getting the results we hoped for.”

Bing is attractive and above all, the name is easy to remember. The relevant search terms in Bing will appear on the left hand column. Another great functionality is the location sensing application. If you type in weather then it will bring up the forecast for the location from where you are using Bing. For example: If you are based in Pittsburg, PA and if you are using then it will provide the weather forecast for Pittsburg, PA automatically. That is certainly being one up on Google. Bing also offers search filters on the side of the image tab advanced search options and for playing videos as you hover the mouse over the thumbnail. Bing excels vis-à-vis Google on more than one count.

Joel McLaughlin

Dataflurry, Professional search engine optimization services – Dataflurry is an online search engine marketing firm, with a special focus on organic seo consulting and services.

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You may be an Illinois business owner who doesn’t know the difference between SEM and search engine optimization.  While both are used to drive targeted traffic to your website, they each work for a different purpose.  This article will explain a little further, so you can differentiate between the two.

Chicago Illinois search engine marketing, is a method of internet marketing used to drive traffic to your site with the use of paid advertising.  This may include purchasing Google ads to be displayed in search results for your chosen keywords and phrases.  Contextual ads may also be displayed on other websites and media that are related to your topic or key phrases.

Although SEM may be an alternative you want to consider for your Illinois online business, search engine optimization is crucial for success.  Instead of paying to get your site seen, this method increases your visibility through organic search.  This means that when people look for products or services using your key terms and phrases, your site will come up in the desirable top ten with search engines.

Search engine optimization involves many different processes, particularly if it is to be highly successful.  The average person will only go as far as the first two pages when they perform a search, so your website must be optimized in a way that your business displays in these highly coveted positions.  In fact, you will likely get twice the targeted traffic if your business shows up in the top ten – page one.

What is involved in effective SEO?  On-page content and proper use of key terms and phrases, creating meta tags for keywords, titles and descriptions, using header tags such as h1 and h2 in some instances.  This is just the tip of the iceberg!

Off-page optimization includes blogging with the inclusion of links pointing to your site, writing articles, creating manual backlinks, writing and publishing press releases, social bookmarking.  Does this sound like enough to drive you insane?  For many business owners, it is enough to cause them to throw in the towel.

Of course, optimum results are achieved for your Illinois business when both SEM and professional search engine optimization are utilized.  If you choose to use an experienced SEO firm to implement all of the methods necessary to improve organic search results, and combine this with SEM, your targeted traffic and conversions should go through the roof – and isn’t this exactly what you desire?

1st Link Priority

1st Link Priority

The search engines are noticing a trend from blog comments and sponsored links affecting search engine results that are often placed on the bottom of pages. With that said, it is believed that First Link Priority is becoming a major emphasis for the search engines.

What is First Link Priority, How Does It Work?

This is how it works, the first links that are displayed on a page receive the large majority of link value from a page. Therefore, the value lies in ensuring you cater your link value distribution around this methodology. To be safe, I would recommend placing navigation on the right hand of your website that is not as important to your SEO strategy. For example, pages that aren’t going to really boost your rankings should go on the right hand table of your website (if you have one), because those will be displayed last. Another option is to design tables so that the text version of Google’s cache sees the non-important navigation at the bottom of the page.

You may ask why this would matt? My belief is that Google is placing much more relevance on internal linking within content – and this is obtaining a lot more favor than navigation links – therefore you need to embrace this concept.

I believe that navigation may be excluded by First Link Priority because the search engines can notice link trends throughout all pages, however chances are there is some relevance to First Link Priority needing to be considered when creating navigation.  Another factor to consider is this, on top of first link priority, pages on websites that have a large number of outbound links to other websites receive diluted outbound link value for that page.

For example, if you obtain a link on a page with 30 other outbound links to other websites, chances are that you would obtain 3.333% of that pages external link value. Whereas, if you are the only outbound link on this page – you receive 100% of the external link value.  This helps Google to reduce reciprocal & 3 way link campaign value. I also believe that the first links are valued higher, and lower links are valued less – because this would help to kill the value in blog comments.

With all that said, I believe that one of the best ways to build links from other websites is by Guest Blog Posts, Social Media, Guest Articles on popular websites, Home Page Links (from other websites) & links from quality directories that dedicate an entire page specifically to your company.

Joel McLaughlin / Dataflurry /

Law Firm, Lawyer & Attorney Internet Marketing

Law Firm, Lawyer & Attorney Internet Marketing

Law Firm Internet marketing is one of the best ways to improve your legal website’s performance online. Online legal marketing lays a lot of importance on search engine optimization, which is the key to be found on Google and other big search engines. Nevertheless, if your legal site does come up on the top of the SERPs (search engine ranking pages), does it mean you will get tens, or hundreds of new clients?

The answer is – Possibly. Law firm internet marketing is a great way to be put in front of prospective customers, we will give you visibility and it’s simply your job to close visitors in to clients. Keeping this objective in mind, we’ve outlined 3 top tips to enhance the appeal of your law website.

Keywords driven content – The importance of content is now an open secret. Relevant keywords woven intricately into the content fabric of your legal website will attract the search robots. Keywords could be words, phrases, or words related to your business. However, if you are really looking at driving traffic to your site, you must be aggressive in your choice of keywords. Use keywords that are specific to YOUR BUSINESS. Generic keywords only help so much, but targeted keywords is your first focus to improve your law firms website marketing campaign’s success.

Next, content on your website must be new, well-researched, informative, and interestingly written. The content must encourage your law firm’s website visitors to explore it and keep coming back, thereby establishing a loyal relationship. Two important content requirements are:

Informative Content – make sure your site’s content speaks about your areas of expertise, elaborates on your experience, and is convincing enough to make the visitor believe that you and your law firm is the best solution for their problems.

Sales Content – ensure your site’s content has a ‘call to action’ that pushes the visitors to contact you via email, phone or by filling the contact form.

Inbound links via blogs/legal directories/forums – If there is a lack of inbound links, your website will not rank at the top of the search engines; here’s the solution. Commenting on blog posts of other lawyers, attorneys etc and including your URL in those comments is a great way to promote your website. Also being listed as a popular attorney in major directories like HierosGamos, Findlaw, Justia and others is a powerful link popularity tool. Inbound links help you garner better page rank & authority, quickly and ethically.  Another part of link building would be obtaining links from fellow attorneys and also providing guest posts on popular legal websites and obtaining a link from your article. This will build your trust, reputation and long lasting authority with the search engines.

Focus on Localized Search – Local search engine listings are now becoming increasingly important. Because much of your business will come from the surrounding areas, you must focus on localized search tactics. Again, search engines power local listings and you can often see them next to a map with pinned areas.  Making sure to include local information on your website including your address and local cities helps improve your local rankings. Also, including descriptive keywords in your local Google, Yahoo & MSN listings improves rankings. Another tip is to obtain reviews from happy customers on these search engine local listings.

Again, these are three top tips  that can really propel your legal website into the Internet orbit of success, quickly and easily!

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sit-better ergonomic office chairsDataflurry is excited to be provided with the opportunity to serve SitBetter office chairs with their organic search engine optimization.   Their main goal is to improve from page 4 of Google for the terms Office chairs and also other phrases, and sure enough within a few weeks they are on page 2.

We are eager to establish a long term relationship with this client and really appreciate the opportunity to serve this company with their web based strategies.

SitBetter’s slogan is “We Know Chairs”, and they pride themselves on offering amazing products at reasonable prices. They have been sitting in, testing, and selling office chairs since 1976 and focus on providing quality products to people that want ergonomic office chairs that truly improve daily lives.

Once again, thank you to SitBetter and all of their staff for entrusting Dataflurry, and we are excited to exceed your expectations!

So you have a unique project and need custom web design for your Phoenix Arizona business. Great, you have come to the right place, we are based out of Phoenix Arizona! Dataflurry specializes in  Phoenix website design services that are completely custom. We are a Phoenix Arizona based web design company with a global internet reach. Those looking for Custom Web Design have many options, depending on what you are look for. We offer web development programming services, standard web page design, contracting of our web designer’s and more. Our Website development team produces high quality and affordable solutions to meet almost every companies custom website design needs.

On top of custom web design, we specialize in getting your WebSites to rank at the top of the search engines as SEO Consultants. These search engine optimization marketing services are extremely valuable. Chances are you found our WebSite because we ranked well in a search engines results. The same results are available to you if you contact us regarding our professional search engine optimization (seo), search engine placement, paid advertising campaigns or internet marketing services. These services help you to improve your search rankings and obtain top positions in Google, Yahoo, MSN and more. Our WebSite designer team is well versed in this field, and we have specialists that only handle search optimization.

DataFlurry is a professional and custom web design company producing some of the best custom web design to companies across the United States from California to New York!

We also offer custom ecommerce shopping cart web design services for your business website, in order to get your online store up and going. Our shopping carts are created to perform well in the search engines, optimized for success!

We develop custom WebSites and design them at affordable prices. Feel free to view our custom web design portfolio to get some examples of what we can do for you.

As a web design firm, we have senior web page designer’s and web developer’s in Phoenix Arizona, producing high quality custom web page development services for quite some time now. If you decide that you need ongoing maintenance, we offer web maintenance packages and services as well.

We stand on several core custom web design values that help us to offer the best services in the industry.

dental-office-dentistMost dentists these days have an online presence – a website.  What is search engine optimization, and what can it do for your dental office?  More than you could imagine.  If your website seems to be floundering amid all of the competition, you need to know the benefits of a good search engine optimization company for dentists & dental offices.

If this term is totally Greek to you, that’s normal.  Organic search engine optimization services are compiled of a combination of many methods used to drive targeted traffic to your website, and help it rank highly in Google and the other search engines.  If your dental business could use more traffic and potential clients, this is the way to achieve that goal.

You may not realize it, but the majority of people who go online searching for services, products and information will go no further than the first two pages.  Once they find a site that contains the information they are looking for and looks like a trustworthy and reliable source, their search is over.  If your website shows up on page 5, 6 or 10, you can practically guarantee that you will never get enough traffic to make having a website worthwhile.

Good search engine marketing will insure that your dental business is found on these first two pages.  What does this mean to you?  A huge increase of visitors who are looking for what you have to offer, and increased profits.  Isn’t this exactly why you put your business online?

Professionals who work in this business know exactly what methods to use that will be effective for a particular website.  The details of organic SEO are very complex and ever changing.  Keyword optimization, proper linking, meta descriptions, outside content to drive traffic – the list goes on and on.  Most business owners would not have the time to implement all that is necessary if they knew how to take care of it themselves.

When you hire someone who is an expert to take care of the work for you, you can expect to see results fairly quickly.  In fact, professionals should be able to rank your website within 6 months or less.  What is the cost for this?  It varies, but if you are serious about increasing the success of your business dramatically, you will benefit greatly from the services of an experienced search engine optimization firm.  Your dental business will flourish!

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