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officialwireLet’s first start by saying that I am not affiliated with OfficialWire in any way, but I have found incredible success using them for SEO & internet marketing purposes.

On my recent internet marketing escapades, I have ran across a website that will become a tremendous force in obtaining visibility and search engine success online. I have submitted news articles and press releases to them that have obtained over 1,000 views in a matter of hours, this is because OfficialWire has an excellent distribution channel to get you in to top websites. OfficialWire allows website users to obtain a membership for $60/m that allows unlimited submission of News and Press Releases, and the amazing thing is that your article has a 95% chance of being added to Google news, and it will also be placed on sites such as Topix, Yahoo news, Ask News, AltaVista News, AOL News, Twitter and others.

Below is a screenshot of articles & press releases that I have distributed in the past few days. The amazing thing is that I had first page rankings for terms like Website Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Office Chairs, Auto Insurance Company, and many other incredible phrases. Basically, if I put the keyword in the title – I grabbed a top news ranking for at least a day – it’s as simple as that.

The great thing about using this service is that you can link to your own website and benefit from authority link building while obtaining almost instant traffic. Another huge benefit is that my articles are slowly being syndicated on other websites and building up my authority on the internet.

If you actively submit press releases or news online, consider first submitting your content here – because you can benefit from an affordable traffic & optimization tunnel that allows immediate and impressive results. I see major value for companies of all types and in all industries using this technology. Your news also gets submitted to News Contracts and Bloggers that have websites relative to your industry. With over 400,000 media & blog contacts, sites like Official Wire are definitely going to be a wave of the search engine marketing future.

The benefits I have seen are tremendous, I have submitted 7 articles and press releases in the last day – and all of these have received an average of 800 views individually.

doctorsAre you a doctor that currently has a website for your medical practice?  Each day, more and more businesses are going online. Effective search engine optimization can push the limits of your business and take it to new levels once you obtain top rankings within major search engines.

Why are so many businesses choosing to create an online presence?  Because more people search for information online than with any other method.  The days of thumbing through the phone book are gone.  If your business is going to grow and prosper, you should have a website.  Search engine marketing for Doctors & SEO for Medical Offices will help you generate many new leads, increase your clientele and grow your profits dramatically.

You may be like many who believe that if you have a website, you are done.  Hardly!  Unless your business ranks highly, you can be sure that no one will ever find it. Ranking in the top two pages with the search engines is crucial if anyone is ever going to visit your site and see what you have to offer.

What does this involve?  Many things.  Good content that is properly optimized for profitable keyword searches is essential.  There are also technical aspects including your meta tags, page descriptions and titles must be implemented properly.  Internally linking pages within your website is beneficial.  These are just the basics of optimizing the pages that are on your website.  This doesn’t even begin to explain all of the off-site work that must be done!

Search engine optimization & website marketing for your medical office is a complex job that should only be undertaken by experts who know this business inside and out.  Article marketing, submitting to directories, social media and blogging are just a few of the tasks performed that help increase links pointing toward your site.  Do you have the time or knowledge to perform all of these tasks yourself?

When the average person does a search for services or information, the majority of the time they will use the first few sites that they come to, once on a website they examine quality of the website and what the site has to offer – then they weight their options.  If your site is not listed on the first two pages, you are losing out on new customers and revenue BIG time.

The internet is becoming a popular place for businesses to advertise their products and services.  Competition is fierce, and everyone fights tooth and nail to get to the top – and stay there.  Can you compete?  If you want your Medical office to reign above the rest and become the authority site in your niche, consider hiring a search engine optimization specialist.  When you let professionals do the work, the sky’s the limit!

Downtown Los Angeles Aerial ViewDo you, as a California online business owner, understand all there is to know about search engine optimization?  Probably not.  It is a complex subject that constantly changes.  If your online presence could use some help, you may want to consider letting experts who understand these complexities do the work for you.

Many people who have a brick-and-mortar business decide to expand their potential audience by going online.  Sounds simple, right?  Build a website and attract more customers.  If only it were that easy!  Having in-depth knowledge of Los Angeles California SEO and internet marketing is crucial if you are going to create an additional income stream and client base online.

It is absolutely possible for a California business to create a website and never have one additional client.  How can this be?  In order to drive targeted traffic and increase profits, you must know how search engine optimization works.  If you don’t rank in the top for your chosen niche and keywords, no one is ever going to find your site.

Of course, you don’t have to learn this process.  When you hire a specialist who knows exactly how all of the pieces fit together, you can achieve top rankings.  Creating unique content, placing keywords correctly on your pages, having authority sites link to you and driving traffic with outside content are all crucial when it comes to effective search engine optimization.

Another reason many business owners cannot do this work effectively themselves is that things are constantly changing.  What worked six months ago may not be so effective now.  Algorithms change, the most effective website marketing & search engine optimization tactics change – it is hard for the average person to learn all of this, let alone keep up with the changes.

Often, business owners are so involved with other aspects of marketing their business that they simply don’t have the time it takes to perform all of this work.  It takes an abundance of knowledge as well as research and time to tie all of this together properly.  It is usually a very daunting task for those whose business is not in the field of search engine marketing.

Most California business owners would rather spend their time building their businesses by developing new and improved products or services and working to attract more customers.  The complex and ever-evolving changes of keeping up with search engine optimization should be designated to professionals who do exactly that for a living.  Find out how dramatic a change your business will see in increased traffic – and profits!

Free Island, Ipods & Website Traffic

Free Island, Ipods & Website Traffic

I was asked a question from a website visitor, and the question was simple! What is the best way to get free website traffic fast.  My father told me something that still reigns true in life, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

When I first started my search engine optimization company, I received emails from clients that received solicitations to their inbox promising thousands of visitors. They also received offers to submit their website to 10,000 directories and search engines for cheap. Then there are always the exciting offers to make $4,000 per week doing absolutely nothing but eating Cheetos on their bean bag while playing video games.

I know  a large number of successful people that have made a lot of money on the internet, and the funny thing I have found out is this. None of them signed up for a Make Money Fast scheme.  None of them got their free ipod without signing up for a mortgage, 10 magazines and selling their soul to a TV satellite company. Also, none of them saw any sort of success by blasting their website to 1,000,000 websites.

I know I jabbered for a while, but there is actually a method to my madness.  People need to be careful about who they trust, especially when someone promises to do amazing things to their website in a short period of time. Submitting your website to 10,000 directories can actually penalize your website for months or years, or indefinitely.  Don’t trust anyone promising you #1 rankings in a week after signing up.

If someone offers you complete search engine optimization services for $150, you might need to hire an expert – or else set aside a few hundred dollars for the advice from an actual professional with experience in this industry. The reason I say these things is because I want to protect website owners from online predators out to ruin their website intentionally or unintentionally.

Joel McLaughlin

A couple of employees at Dataflurry will be attending the SMX Search Marketing Advanced Expo in Seattle Washington this year. The date of the event is June 2nd to June 3rd.

We can’t wait to fly from Phoenix Arizona to Seattle Washington, because it is too hot over here! We have made very few appearances at major events because we have been working so hard in our first year of operation to get everything off of the ground and in place to grow. Now we are excited and eager to meet other professionals in the industry and expand our knowledge and brand.

If you will be going, please let us know in advance so that we can make sure to greet each other and chat for a bit.

Take care!

Joel McLaughlin /

lending-loanCould your lending & mortgage business use a boost?  Lending search engine marketing & optimization can not only increase traffic substantially, it can also help you achieve higher page rankings with the search engines.  Many average pc users don’t understand all of the aspects of organic SEO, so their online business doesn’t experience the traffic and increased profits that it is capable of.

If you have a website for your lending & mortgage business, you may not be aware of the benefits of properly optimizing your site to increase website traffic and search engine rankings.  Your desire should be to get your website ranked on the first two pages with the major search engines.  Why?  Because people who look for information on the web usually won’t go beyond those pages.

Professional search engine marketing is a very complex and involved process.  You may know that your chosen keywords and phrases must be placed properly on your web pages, but did you know that you must also create backlinks using articles, blog posts, social media sites and other resources?  This is how the search engines decide how important your site is.  When many highly ranked websites link to your site, it must be an authority site in their eyes.

Frequently updating the content on your website is also crucial.  Your visitors don’t want to return to see the same old thing again and again!  They want fresh, interesting information.  Keeping your site updated is a sure way to make certain that your visitors return often.  If your lending & mortgage business isn’t thriving, changes need to be made.

Search engine optimization is one of those things that many people don’t have the time to do themselves.  Many online business owners work outside of their home, which means that time is limited.  Without time and the knowledge necessary to propel your website to the top, your business will absolutely suffer.  In fact, no one will ever find it!

Some people have the mistaken belief that if they put up an online site for their lending & mortgage business, people will automatically find it.  There could be nothing further from the truth.  Onsite optimization using meta tags, descriptions and keywords is crucial, as is deep linking of your pages.  Off page work is also essential for building a successful online presence.

If your business is lacking visitors, you are losing potential clients and sales every single day.  Hire a professional search engine marketing firm to take care of your lending & mortgage business, and you will notice a tremendous difference!  Traffic and sales will improve dramatically.

lawEvery law firm these days has taken their business online with a website.  The question is, does yours get the traffic you need to increase your client base?  Law firm search engine marketing will greatly improve your number of visitors, as well as page rank.  If your business could handle bigger profits and more clientele, this can be achieved by hiring professionals who are experts in this area.

You may be thinking the cost is too great.  The truth of the matter is the cost of the business you are losing is much greater than what you will gain by improving your online presence.  When people search the internet for information, they tend to employ the services of the first website they come to that looks reputable and contains the information they are in need of.

If your law firm doesn’t show up on the first two pages, you will see a dramatic improvement by employing a firm that is well seasoned and knows every aspect of organic search engine optimization.  The average business person usually doesn’t understand the intricacies of building a website that performs well with the search engines, nor do they have the time to do the work.

Contrary to the belief of many people, you cannot throw up a website and expect visitors.  You must choose keywords and phrases carefully, optimize your web pages, write compelling content, create meta tags and titles, create deep inner links and alternate text for your images, among other things.  Does this sound complex?  It is.

Organic SEO is crucial for your law firm if you want to dominate your competition.  We discussed the on site aspects above, but there are also many off site tasks that must be implemented to insure your website receives optimum traffic, which translates to new clients and profits.

Keeping your online business updated constantly is work that must be done.  Search engines love fresh content, and updating your web pages often is necessary.  Blogging, writing articles, creating backlinks and social bookmarking are some other areas that must be addressed.  All of this takes careful planning, time, hard work and dedication.  Can you handle all of this yourself?

This is a much bigger task than most people want to take on.  If your online law firm business isn’t attracting all of the traffic and visitors you can handle, you should contact a firm that is experienced and dedicated to the business of search engine optimization and website marketing.  Can you afford it?  You truly cannot afford not to.  The success of your online business depends on it.

This post is sponsored by OCKlaw, a Kansas City personal injury lawyer & attorney. Offering quality services to those in need of legal assistance when injured intentionally or unintentionally.

texasDo you have a Houston Texas-based online business, or maybe a website for your Dallas Texas business?  If you do, you are probably like millions of other business owners that wish their site received more traffic.  Search engine optimization and website marketing can help solve this problem quickly.  Common sense tells you that if you were ranked higher, you would receive considerably more traffic, which would essentially convert to more clientele and increased profits.

The average online business owner knows very little about the intricacies of search engine optimization.  In fact, many know just enough to be dangerous.  You may know that keyword density is important.  So, you utilize your chosen keywords so many times that your site gets banned – for keyword spamming!  A little knowledge can be a bad thing when it comes to optimizing your Texas online business for the search engines.

Building a website that is attractive to your visitors as well as Google can be a tricky thing to accomplish.  You want your site optimized well, but the most important factor is that your sites content is written for real people. After all, if your content is boring and uninformative, visitors are not going to hang around very long.  You can be sure they won’t return!  People want content that is compelling and informative, with a touch of personality sprinkled here and there.

Search engine optimization is an intricate task that is best left to experts.  In-depth keyword research must be done, website pages must be optimized correctly, and manual links must be added.  Meta tags, descriptions, titles – this is really enough to make most business owners give up before they ever get started.  Is this all there is to it?  Hardly.  This is just the beginning!

After your website is up, there may be articles to write, blogs to build and add content to, and directories to submit to.  It takes quite an effort to drive traffic and search engine rankings up, which is why many people give up before their online business ever has a chance to succeed.  Working a job outside the home and taking care of a family really isn’t conducive to building an online business and performing the tasks that must be done.

If you are the owner of an online business, you may be ready to either give up or pull your hair out.  Consider hiring a Texas search engine optimization firm to give your business the boost it needs to soar to the top of the rankings!  Increased traffic, visibility and revenue are just three reasons you may want to employ the services of a professional whose expertise lies in creating an online presence for you.

new-yorkBuilding a successful online presence for your New York business requires lots of time, dedication and effort.  Strategies change frequently, and most average business owners do not have the time or knowledge to accomplish this themselves.  When you want your website to shine above the competition, employing the services of a professional search engine optimization firm offering services to New York is essential.

When a business puts up a website, this is just the beginning.  You must ensure that prospective customers know about your presence and the services you have to offer.  Otherwise, what good is a website?  If it just sits out in cyberspace with no traffic or potential clients, it is totally worthless.  SEO strategies, when implemented correctly, will insure that your New York business attracts traffic, which essentially mean customers and increased revenues.

There are many things that you, as a business owner, can do to drive traffic to your site.  Article marketing, blogging and social networking are a few examples.  But to really create an online presence that is dynamic requires a professional.  Experts who do this kind of work for a living know what methods of promotion are suitable for specific sites.

People who run a business are experts in that area – running a business.  Does this mean you are also knowledgeable in the different online techniques used for making your site rank above the competition?  Absolutely not.  New York search engine optimization (seo) specialists understand that you do not excel in this area, and they are able to guide you as a business owner.

Many business owners aren’t even aware that when they decide to put their business online, they must optimize for search engines as well as attract visitors. To most, this is something they have never even heard of.  If you go to the trouble of putting a website online, you must get the help of a professional to make sure that your business gets listed at the top of the search engines.  Otherwise, no one will ever find you.

What does a website marketing and SEO firm do to insure your business ranks highly with the search engines?  They make sure that the site is user friendly for visitors and relevant to the information they were searching for, while achieving the requirements for a high ranking.  This requires intense knowledge of how search engines work.  You want to offer quality content and services to your potential customers, while retaining good page rank.

Does all of this sound overwhelming?  For most, it is.  If your New York online business could use a boost, consider hiring a professional search engine optimization specialist to do the work for you.  Increased visitors translates to a larger customer base and bigger profits for you à partir de ce site!

lawyer-organic-seoIf you have a website for your law firm, you may have dabbled in a bit of internet marketing yourself.  Maybe you built your own site, or perhaps you hired a firm to do it for you.  You may have even delved into some pay per click advertising campaigns or written a few articles.  Is it working?  Do you have a high page ranking and all of the visitors you want?

Probably not.  Most online business owners don’t have the skills or time to do what is necessary to make their business stand out from the competitors.  Creating an online presence and having your site outrank the others in your niche is a very time consuming process – not to mention the work involved! Dataflurry is considered one of the most elite attorney seo firms in America, offering stunning results to many clients. Maybe it’s the reason that we top google for phrases like Attorney search engine optimization, law firm internet marketing, or lawyer search engine optimization.

Internet marketing for your law firm requires much time to be spent working on search engine optimization, social networking, pay per click and content distribution.  You must have an aggressive, effective campaign if you want your message to reach your target audience.  Attracting targeted visitors from many different locations is your goal.

When you have put an effective website marketing plan in to place, you will have visitors from your paid advertising campaign as well as free methods you have implemented such as blogging and article marketing.  Combine both, and your message will be reaching thousands of people who are in need of your services.

Staying on top in your niche is an ongoing battle.  Things are constantly changing on the internet, and in order to keep your law firm at the top of its game you must stay up-to-date with current marketing strategies and techniques.  When it comes to fighting to maintain your ranking, it can become an all out war with the competition.

While there are many aspects of internet marketing you can take care of yourself, organic seo may not be one of them.  A multi-faceted and aggressive plan will build your special brand, drive targeted traffic immediately, and build a long-term constant stream of highly targeted traffic that converts to leads for your law firm business.

Keyword research, online press release distribution, creating content – if you are not an expert, all of this will certainly overwhelm you.  No matter what your competitors do or how big a budget they have, you can win the war.  Put your business in the hands of a highly qualified search engine marketing firm, and you will see that your internet marketing efforts pay off in a big way.

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