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insuranceIf you have an online insurance business, you are among many.  An insurance internet marketing firm can help boost your business by helping it surpass the others.  Can you imagine how your client base and profits would grow if your site was ranked at the top?

Most average business owners don’t realize the benefits they would reap by hiring a professional seo firm who can propel their online business to top rankings with the search engines.  Think about this for a moment:  When you search for information online, how far do you look?  Probably the first page or two.  This is where you want YOUR insurance business to appear!  If your chosen business is highly competitive, it is unlikely that you will find yourself in this much coveted position.

Search engine optimization website marketing is a concept that few completely understand.  It is complex and requires time and knowledge.  Many owners of businesses with a website work outside of their home, and simply do not have the time to perform the necessary steps to insure their site performs to the best of its ability.

On site optimization is crucial for a successful website marketing campaign.  Compelling content, correct keyword placement and inner linking are all important.  Meta tags, page titles and headings are other things that must be done the right way.  And these are just things that have to be done on your site – there are just as many off page steps to be done.

A profitable website requires work outside of the site itself. Generating backlinks, writing articles for page rank and traffic, blogging and sometimes social bookmarking are other areas that must be addressed.  The simple truth is that most people don’t fully understand all of the aspects of search engine marketing, and just don’t have the time to do it themselves.

The majority of people who undertake an online insurance business have no idea of the work required to make a go of it.  Television and magazine advertisements make it look so easy and glamorous, as if you can just put a website out there and start generating huge money!  This is simply a ploy to get innocent people to spend money on something they believe will make them wealthy.

This is absolutely not the case.  Build it and they will come does not apply.  Search engine optimization done the right way is crucial if you desire an online business that generates tremendous traffic and sales.  Could your insurance business use a boost?  Let an expert do the work for you, and watch as your business grows bigger than you ever dreamed possible.

I have been reviewing the real estate industry and I am realizing that the websites that really succeed get involved in popular social media and classified ad websites. I came across a website called PostLets that allows you to create one property profile and you can submit it to a large number of popular and high traffic websites including Craigslist, Zillow, and a wide array of other websites.

Where is the Value Joel?

The great thing about using Postlets is the value is everywhere. You get value from listings that are visited and highly trafficked.  You can value from linking back to your main website from each listing and more! Ultimately you are going to obtain higher search engine rankings by using these services if you regularly list properties, and you will also receive value in obtaining views to your free classified ads. It’s a beautiful thing all around.

Man, that seems like it would take a long time to do

You are wrong, PostLets does a lot of the work for you. You are going to save about 85% of your time submitting listings, and you are going to also get a major efficiency improvement.  It takes time to make money, but this cuts down on the time it takes to do the mundane tasks for real estate agent property promotion.

I hope this information helped you out. We are specialists in the real estate and realtor search engine optimization industry. Take care

Founder of well known and successful Phoenix Arizona search engine optimization firm Dataflurry held a survey of hundreds of search engine optimization customers that have signed up for seo services from other companies to improve their organic search engine results.

The questionnaire was based around whether or not search engine optimization customers were satisfied with the results that they received from their search engine optimization campaign investment with a wide variety of companies and providers. The questions asked were to determine whether they were 1) extremely happy 2) satisfied 3) disappointed or 4) extremely unhappy.

Unfortunately, the results were very sad indeed. Ultimately, from our survey we determined that 72% of seo customers were disappointed or extremely unhappy.  This type of Data is very unfortunate says Joel McLaughlin, owner of Dataflurry.

Joel also states that he believes there are too many people claiming to be search experts, however since the industry is widely unfamiliar to business owners, many people can easily fall victim to fraudulant providers or novice optimizers with minimal experience.  When it comes to the internet, anyone can claim to be an expert provider for intangible services – but the facts are this; the internet is becoming more and more competitive, and without hiring an above-and-beyond provider you are risking he loss of time and money, and you also run the risk of search engine penalization.

Joel also mentioned that there are a few things that companies can do in order to protect themselves from losing thousands of dollars without receiving anything for their investment.

Customers should screen seo providers and make sure that they have several client testimonials and references that you are able to contact to discuss the seo firms performance. Don’t simply rely on one or 2 customer testimonials, because those testimonials could be random success.   Often times, customers go for the company that sounds the best and makes the largest promises, unfortunately in the SEO industry – this is the most dangerous route to take.  In all reality, no SEO firms can promise success in a specific amount of time, and they can’t guarantee rankings. The only value they can provide you when selling is showing you examples of past client success.

Also, find out what the company plans on doing to improve your rankings. The company should be optimizing your website itself, building inbound links, researching out competition and more.

Additional problems can arise that have devastating effects; If you hire a firm that doesn’t understand how to obtain quality links to your website in a natural appearing link building method, the seo company can hurt a website instead of helping it, because search engines want to penalize websites trying to alter their search engine results without providing quality user experiences.

1034103_differentWhy has social media marketing suddenly become a buzzword? Is it a new SEO process or does it have capabilities beyond SEO? There are several similar questions that still remain unanswered but first things first, what is social media marketing?

Social Media Marketing = You + Online Communities = High Exposure + Sales

Looks good, doesn’t it? Some of the online communities responsible for bringing social media marketing into the limelight include YouTube, LinkedIn, Technorati, Facebook, and Twitter. Considered as one of the best standalone marketing strategies, social media marketing has now become a recommended process of all SEO experts. There is a direct advantage that websites can derive from social media and this is in the form of better visibility in search engine listings. The most natural question at this point is: how does social media marketing have an impact on search engine listings?

The Social Media Marketing Impact

So here we are, trying to figure out the different ways that social media marketing can improve your websites search engine listing. And the 3 ways of doing it are:

Inbound Links: Yes! You guessed it! Everyone needs inbound links but very few focus on getting relevant and high quality inbound links. Quality inbound links will encourage effective search engine optimization and have a positive influence on the overall ranking of your website. One of the greatest benefits of having inbound links from social media websites is that they are all considered to be natural links and not reciprocal links. Hence, it is important that all website administrators, developers and designers give the necessary importance to inbound links.

Reputation management: Social media marketing can help in building and managing your reputation. Some of the most popular and high ranking social media websites can help in building your online brand value and promote a positive image of your business or company over the Internet. Reputation is a very important aspect that can take a company down or help initiate a tremendous growth process. Hence, if your website is listed in Digg, Technorati, MySpace, Folkd, or others – then in all possibility, it will help to improve your websites Trust, Authority and Page Rank.

Note: Social media marketing has its finer points and if you are not careful about the social media website you want to be associated with then this might even have a disastrous effect on your SEO campaign and create a negative reputation on the Internet.  You want to do everything carefully and make it appear to be natural progression. So don’t obtain 1,000 links on monday and not do another thing for months – the search engines are starting to cater to common sense.

Ranking on Social media websites: Not every website can get a high rank from Day 1 itself. Ranking a website takes time. In order to succeed in most social media websites, you must interact regularly on them to build up your authority with each individual website. The reason social media sites are beneficial is this : if you learn how to you them correctly – their authority can carry over to your website.

Time to rework your social media marketing strategy!!

Joel McLaughlin – Phoenix SEO

1166381_blogThink search engine optimization; and then think blogs! These days, everyone from college students to journalists and from cricket players to politically ambitious individuals is talking their heart out on their blogs. What started out to be an unconventional medium, has now transformed completely into a professional medium that is increasingly being associated with online branding and SEO.

The question is how you can use blogging to maximize website visibility. According to experts and researchers, one of the best places to integrate a blog is in content-thin websites. For example: if you have an e-commerce website then most of the content in the website will be limited to product descriptions. This is where a blog can help immensely because you can write about various aspects of your business. You can write about new product launches, provide technical details regarding fast selling products, and talk about global marketplace for a particular product etc. But the most important benefit is that you can include keyword rich content in your blog, which will make the search engine optimization process more effective and drive targeted traffic to your blog as well as website.

Making Your Blogs Visible With SEO

One of the things that you need to understand about blogs is that they need to be informative, interesting and unique. Readers will visit your blog to get information they need for information purposes or information they want for entertainment purposes, and these are two aspects you just can’t overlook.

Now the question is what kind of content will attract readership? Depending on your strength or on what the aim of your blog is; you can select the subject. For example: if your strength lies in real estate and if you are a realtor then you need to provide information on the latest news, trends, about real estate in your target area. People looking to buy homes in your region will definitely find your blog helpful.

So how will readers find your blog? For this you need to understand the SEO techniques and work out ways to promote your blog. Now SEO encompasses different elements and it might not be possible or even viable to use all the elements for promoting your blog. However, the most important element for utilizing a blog is the fact that you make your site more relevant to the search engines and increase the chances of obtaining inbound links without a link building effort.

Linking is a key aspect of search engine optimization and website marketing. In blogging, you can use your blog posts for link building purposes as well. Many website owners will link to your blog posts using “pingbacks” or “trackbacks”. Also, if the information is valuable, a blog will help to set you apart from your competition and help to show others (and the search engines) that you are an expert in your industry. Linking to and from other blogs will have two distinct advantages:

  • It will add more value for your readers
  • Linking to others will increase the chances of other blogs linking back to you
  • Obtaining links  from other blogs and websites increases the trust from other search engines, as long as they are quality links.

Finally, remember a well-written and interesting blog is a great tool for enhancing your visibility with minimal effort. So keep blogging!

71005_surgeonAre you a surgeon with a website that doesn’t receive as much traffic as you would like?  Even though you may think you have performed all of the necessary search engine optimization strategies necessary, it may not be enough to make your site search engine friendly.  To gain high rankings and produce more targeted medical industry website traffic, it takes that little extra.

In order to increase visitors and get the results you want from your website, you must create search engine friendly pages that are easily navigated and indexed by the “crawlers”, or spiders used by the search engines to learn what your site is about.  You should avoid frames, use clean and easily readable code, and make sure your content is positioned correctly and efficiently for the spiders.

Surgeons need search engine optimization just as any other business does.  Everyone would like a successful website that receives as much targeted website traffic as possible, and performing certain tasks is necessary to achieve these results.  Although many people do know a great deal about optimizing their website for the search engines, they don’t know quite enough to get optimum results.

Some people don’t realize that even the navigation placement used on their website can make a big difference in their traffic and ranking.  Minimizing the use of graphics and using alt tags for images are also details that need to be addressed.  Limiting the use of JavaScript for navigation is also important, because the spiders can’t read this type of code.  Utilizing a site map is crucial as well, so make sure you have a site map that lists all of your important pages.

Keyword use is extremely important, as this is how the spiders know what your site is about.  You should carefully choose and place keywords, and make sure they are related to the content of your site.  Titles and META tags and descriptions are also extremely important.  There is much to be done when it comes to proper SEO.

Although there are many things the average person can do to make their website more search engine friendly, rarely can they do all that is needed to place their website on the first two pages with the search engines, which is as far as the majority of people will go when searching for information.

If you are an MD that requires help with surgeon search engine optimization, you should consider the services of a company that is experienced and knowledgeable in the industry.  Hiring a professional will save you time and money, and can help get your site ranked in a short period of time.  This means more traffic and profits for you!

1150734_house_for_sale_3These days, nearly every real estate business has a website.  Realtor & Real Estate search engine marketing is a vital aspect of getting all of the traffic and visitors from search engines that you desire.  If your site isn’t professionally optimized, you may be losing visitors – and money.

Reaching sellers and home buyers through a well optimized website is much easier and more cost effective than any other method of online marketing your real estate business.  You want your site to appear at the top of the major search engines, so that potential clients find you easily.

Search engine marketing is very involved, and too much for most real estate agents to handle.  It is time consuming, detailed and often too technical for the average person to tackle.  An experienced and reputable search engine marketing firm is your best bet if you want a site that receives major targeted traffic.  This will translate to more visitors and more sales!

Modern times have made it possible for people searching for property to buy or sell to look online.  In fact, the vast majority of people looking for information do so from their computer.  The days of thumbing through the phone book are long gone.  Using the internet is the way most people locate what they are looking for.

Usually, when people are searching for information or products, they will use the services of the first quality site they come to that has the information they are looking for.  If your real estate website doesn’t rank highly, you need someone with expertise in the search engine marketing field to boost your rankings so that you receive quality traffic.

There are numerous things involved when attempting to optimize your site for the search engines.  Article marketing, keyword optimization, social media, blogging and proper META tag descriptions and keywords are necessary, along with many other tasks.  Your keywords must be carefully chosen and placed strategically, your navigation system must be simple, and creating backlinks to each page of your site is desired for optimum results.

Do you receive all of the quality website traffic you want to your site?  Could your business benefit from an increased number of visitors?  If your real estate website doesn’t rank on the first two pages of the major search engines, chances are you are losing business.  Contact a highly qualified search engine marketing firm, and let them perform their magic on your site.  You will experience unbelievable results!

visibilitySearch engine marketing is a method many people employ to increase the visibility of their website with the search engines.  By doing this, you dramatically improve traffic to your site, because the search engines find your site easier.  This means better ranking, and more visitors from people searching for information contained on your website.

Optimizing your website for search engines is one of the most important things you can do to insure that your site is ranked well with the search engines and found by people looking for just what you offer.  It can be a complicated process, especially if you know nothing about keywords, titles, page optimization and the like.

Keywords mean nothing to most people who don’t have an online business.  To those that do, they know that finding keywords that are often searched but aren’t highly competitive is important for ranking their website.  Finding the right keywords through research is crucial to your online success.  Keyword tools are available for this purpose.

Amazingly, many people who have online businesses have no concept of what search engine marketing is.  They blindly put up a website and hope visitors will find it.  The old saying “build it and they will come” does not apply to the internet!  It takes more work than that.

Creating a site that is attractive to the search engines involves many things.  You need to build links going in to each page of your site, and obtain links from other sites pointing to your own.  This, in essence, makes your site look more important or authoritative.  The more high ranking links pointing to your site, the more important it must be in the search engines eyes.

Page titles also play an important part of your overall marketing plan, as does the actual content on your site.  Original content that provides interesting and useful information to your visitors is what you want in a good website.  Using your keywords in your content is necessary so that the web crawlers know what your site is about.  This helps the search engines find your site when someone does a search on the keywords or phrase you have chosen for your site.

Many people try “keyword stuffing” in their content in the hopes that this will rank their site higher.  While this may have worked a decade ago, it is no longer effective.  In fact, you may be penalized by the search engines for doing this exact thing.  Placing keywords on your site in a way that your content flows and sounds natural to your visitors is what you are striving for.

Practically anyone can have a successful online business if they know the steps necessary to achieve it.  Most people don’t have the time or the knowledge to perform all that is needed to achieve this success.  If this is you, you should definitely consider employing a reputable and professional organic search engine marketing company to boost your business to a whole new level.

surefire-seo-mistakesA good tip is a great gift to those who are in need of “search engine success”. And if the tips are on SEO, they are bound to attract attention. So, we’ve compiled a list of eleven of the best SEO tips to be found on the Internet. This article is compiled by Joel McLaughlin, the owner of Dataflurry Search Engine Marketing. Don’t believe us? Find out for yourself now!

Let your content drive your website. Content is the king, the absolute truth and nothing but. Well-researched, authoritative and unique content that uses the keywords strategically to convey the right meaning is a MUST! Never compromise with the quality of your site’s content.

Link Building
Another royalty you can’t do without are Links! Focus on building a network of the best quality backlinks for your website using your top keyword phrase(s). Only link with sites that can offer you something substantial to chew up on. If it’s not good, don’t bite the bait!

PageRank Worries
Are you suffering from Pagerank obsession? DON’T! Pageranking, despite what many search engine optimization experts say, are just a small part of your SEO plan. The ranking algorithm is complicated; believe us when we tell you, a lower pageranked site can actually surpass a higher ranked site. A higher ranking is worth more than a high page rank. We have optimized sites for the search engines with a 1 page rank that obtained over 25,000 unique visitors per month. Page rank is a good quality when obtaining links from other sites, along with alexa ranks and link popularity research. So get a good night’s sleep and don’t worry too much about your own page rank.

Regular Site Updates
Stay fresh and update regularly. Yes, if you want to climb higher on search engine ladder, make sure your site has fresh and useful content. Regularly updating your website’s content is the best way to catch the eye of the search engine robot.

Compete For Popular Phrases, Not Single Keywords
Dig for top search phrases instead of single keywords. The search phrases used by people and incorporated in your content will make it easier for your website to show up as a relevant search result.

Get Local
Getting localized is also a very important SEO tip that few may share with you. When developing the content for your site, make sure you keep ‘localization’ in mind. This helps you win brownie points with the local users and the cherry on the top is that you get local customers.

Use Text Links, Not Images
Always use text links on your website pages if using Java script for image maps, image links, or drop down menu. Since spiders don’t follow Java script, text links are cruicual from SEO point of view.

Search Friendly Design
Always keep search engine optimization in mind when designing your website. More importantly, your website designer must be an expert at Organic SEO. Try to design a simple website that doesn’t have heavy Flash. Lesser the graphics the better as search engine robots crawl the text rather than images or Flash. Use good meta & title tags.

Careful With Redirects
Use redirects carefully and wisely. Decide if you want to use www or non-www domain and use 301 redirect for the other. Ex. If you choose, use for redirect. Ensure all your URL’s are keyword rich, but keep each file name under 30 characters if you can.

Proof Read – Create Quality Content
Finally, proof read your all your content including taglines, copy etc. and make sure all the links are working before you go live with it. Always understand that the sites that succeed in the long run provide value for their website visitors. So create compelling content and create an enjoyable experience.

Research Before Working On Search Engine Optimization
One more point, always perform quality keyword research before jumping in knee deep with your search engine marketing plan. I have seen many companies that would have had much larger success online if they started with in depth research and search marketing plans.

A working and complete website is the best way to score BIG points with search engines…so keep this in mind.

conversionThe Internet is considered as a huge online marketplace and is becoming increasingly more competitive; thus opening doors for application of new branding and Internet & search marketing strategies and tools. One of the most important elements that denote online success is the effectiveness of conversion marketing. As unconventional as it may sound, conversion marketing revolves around a desired action by an internet visitor on a particular website. In layman’s language, this relates to sale of product or initiation of a service requirement. The question is where does it really begin?

Your Website &Conversion Marketing

Sound conversion marketing = Online Success for Business

It is always easy to create a website but then creating customer loyalty is equally tough especially when competition tends to revolve around just one aspect – creating high online visibility. Hence, once you have created or designed your website, the first question you need to ask is: How can I promote my website better to get the attention of internet visitors or probable customers?

Tune in to Conversion Marketing!

Conversion marketing is a strategy in itself wherein, different elements and online tools are used to drive targeted traffic to your website. Some people would believe that conversion marketing is all about amount of online sales; but it is actually a method of not only getting the required number of eyeballs to view your site, but also converting them into sales. I heard of a recent study stating that about 50% of people believed pay per click was valuable and 50% believed it was a waste from their past experience. I guarantee that the 50% that succeeded took conversion optimization in to account much more than the other 50%.

Start by creating a high performance website!

Yes! You need to start at the very basic stage, which is creating a convincing and valuable website. You need to first start off by identifying what is working on the Internet like Banner ads, ALT Tags, Pay-per-click, article submission, discount coupons etc. It is easier today because you have more opportunities as well as options than what businesses had a decade back and the best of all – the opportunities are expanding. The second most important aspect that you need to consider while creating a high performance website is: how easy it is to navigate within your website and is the information provided in the form of web content adequate to satisfy a visitor’s requirement. You should keep everything simple and easy to understand. You also need to focus on 3 major elements. Create trust, grab visitors attention, create incentive & spark your visitors action to move forward and buy or inquire! Those 3 elements will make you succeed at changing visitors in to customers.

These points are important because they will determine the amount of time, a probable customer or an internet visitor will spend on your website. Once you have built trust and intrigued your website visitor, the most important part at this point is your “call to action”. A call to action is not always about creating a bold copy that says, “Buy it Today!”; it is about understanding the customer psyche and using it to emphasize on how important your product or service is towards fulfilling their requirement.

Conversion Building Blocks

In more ways than one conversion marketing is related to SEO or search engine optimization. SEO plays a key role in the promotion of your website through keyword driven content and bringing visitors to your website. If you want to achieve success at conversion marketing then you will need to understand the fundamental concepts of professional search engine optimization and implement it in your website. A website that converts well with no traffic will fail and a site with lots of traffic that doesn’t convert will fail. While implementing SEO, you need to create a target based objective that will focus on the ratio of Internet visitors to Buyers. This is what successful conversion marketing is all about!

Joel McLaughlin –

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