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goya091Another fantastic week has passed and Dataflurry has gained some new key clients to add to our mix. Earlier this week I started talking about SEO trends for 2009, and now I want to post part two for our readers!

I am back with the other important SEO trends 2009. So let’s not waste any more time and get on with the list. First up, the Strategy and Tactical Trends in the search engine optimization Industry:

Strategy & Tactical Trends

Mobile Search

The increase in mobile users has spurred the mobile search trend.  Now, a large majority of cellular devices come equiped with mobile web – and this is cause a major new niche market for internet marketers.  At the threshold, the trend is finally changing the way mobile users search for things. With a more enjoyable, easy, and productive method of searching using mobiles, thanks to smartphones, browsing and searching on your mobile is the way to stay happy and connected in 2009. So, if you provide a service or product that would be accessed on a large scale by mobile users, mobile search should be a #1 priority for you.

Community Sites and Social Media

Okay, so everyone’s been saying that social media is here to stay. And, more and more people (your potential consumers) are using it to get connected. Are you on it? No? Blasphemy! Down with Ye!

By actively participating in forums and online communities such as Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and many more you can generate a large audience for your service or product. It’s a democratic process… because when the audience sees the right thing, they push it for you. It’s called word of mouth marketing in simple terms. If you create something of interest or create something that people believe in, they will spread it. Now with social media, they will spread it faster than ever before – because information can flow to the ends of the earth in miliseconds. Link your profile with your content, share the links with your friends, and market your business free-of-cost. It simply can’t get better than that! Wooohooo!

Industry/Big Picture Trends

Rise in Demand of SEO Consultants

Sounds unbelievable doesn’t it? But it’s true. Never before have SEO consultants and SEO consulting firms been busier. Because of increased SEO awareness amongst small businesses, online entrepreneurs are now looking high and low for help with SEO. Typically, SEO consultants are witnessing a rise in the number of inquiries – which is great in a slow economy! Woohoo!

The World of Google

Everyone is aware of Google dominance over the SEO world. Google’s lead over their immediate competitors Yahoo! and MSNLive is only increasing now. The common consensus is that Google is the undisputed leader and that almost 70% of the total searches that take place, are done on Google. Therefore, it’s important to be ‘found’ by Google. Yes, if you aren’t on Google, you are as good as lost!  I believe Google will remain in dominance unless they give in to a cesspool of information on their home page, and I don’t foresee that happening.

SEO Automation and Tools

Due to the difficulty in seeking reliable and result-oriented SEO consultants and companies, many firms are now working on creating tools that automatically handle certain portions of SEO analysis. Though this attempt is currently helpful at the basic level of SEO, it can be helpful if the data provided is used properly.  I believe that the best information to help in SEO efforts is data acquisition and link hunting (of your major competition). Woohoo!

SEO Scams

The increasing interest in SEO has led small business owners to scramble for SEO service providers that promise them rich rewards at exorbitant prices. Way too many people are providing SEO services that don’t yet have a good understanding or education in the field, and the loser is the consumer that chooses an uneducated so-called professional. While these situations are all about money making and unethical, it is advised that you avoid falling into these traps at all costs. If there is one SEO trend you must avoid, it is this! Screen your SEO providers, ask for references you can contact, ask for sample stats, ask for sample keyword improvements. Ask for the world, and if you don’t get any information – RUN FOR THE HILLS. Wooohoo!

These are just some of the SEO trends for 2009. Of course, there are other trends that are making waves as well like microblogging, Googlised web development, and online reputation. Don’t opt for all the trends, choose the ones best for your business and go with them a 100%.

Here is a quote for the Quotists out there (don’t think that’s a word, but I am using it!)

Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put one’s thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world.

Here is to a year full of #1 rankings and prosperous web based business. Cheers! Woohoo!

Joel McLaughlin –

Coast 2 Coast Vacation Rentals, Inc

Coast 2 Coast Vacation Rentals, Inc

Dataflurry is excited to welcome C2C Vacation Rentals to the Dataflurry family!

Coast 2 Coast vacation rentals is a top notch travel agency with a very unique niche! They have several websites including Longboat Vacation Rentals, Vail Ski Vacation Rentals, Italy Vacation Rentals, and Maui Vacation Rentals (and a few others). They aren’t a find all do all type of agency, they specialize in unique niches which allows them to find better quality travel accomodations for customers easily.

We want to welcome Coast 2 Coast to the Dataflurry family, and we look forward to creating a valued business relationship with them.

If you are ever wanting to travel to Florida, Colorado, or Maui – be sure to check them out!

Joel McLaughlin –

Google is the BIG DADDY of all search engines, no questions asked. With each passing day, webmasters strive harder to ensure that they can please it and somehow rise higher on the Search Engine Result Pages or SERPs. Everyday Google becomes a bit more particular, a bit pickier about the definition of a real link. Long gone are the days of bringing in several link swaps, directory links etc. Today, search engine optimization is all about a steady stream of quality links. No unethical means to attract links. Now only quality links positioned in fresh and unique content is the demand. The point is that if you want a larger amount of website trust and you need to focus on quality and not quantity.

How To Get Links

There are two ways to get links. The first method is to manually seek out links by sending out link requests or generate content that attracts links easily. There is also another option. the second way is to buy the links. No, this is not a new concept. It has been there for some years now. But more and more link sites are now offer quality links in return for money. You must keep in mind this, Google and Yahoo state that you should not buy links; because they know that links play a major part in search engine marketing & rankings. Therefore, if you decide to purchase links – you must buy links that are not noticeably bought. For example, a link purchased by sponsoring a website, or buying a guest post on a popular websites blog are ways that the search engines cannot determine whether a link is organic or purchased.

The best way to get links without getting in trouble is by using content. Why? Because Google and other major search engines know the way that basic links are sold in page footers and under sponsored categories, but it’s nearly impossible to filter out links within page content.

Inlinks, Pay per Post, and BlogRolled may be the Future (whether you believe in it or not)!

First and foremost, when we talk of links, it is important for you to check your link report on a daily basis. If you read carefully, you’ll find that it has many different types of links. Some of these are from directories, or websites, or ad networks. However, as mentioned earlier, Google has taken an aggressive stand against any spam links and therefore, some of these links will prove to be useless to you.

What is Inlinks?

Inlinks is a company that developed a clever strategy.  They developed a marketplace that allows buyers and sellers of links to obtain links within content. The links will be integrated in to page content, and you can obtain links by searching their market place for specific keyword strands. So, for example, if you were an investment loan officer, you could search for “investor loan” or something like that, and purchase links that are relevant. Content links are often times just as valuable or more valuable than links on navigation bars or in footers.

What is Pay Per Post?

Pay per post is an amazing idea, and I feel that this hasn’t yet obtained enough publicity.  Pay per post allows bloggers and advertisers to unite. Helping bloggers to make money, and helping advertisers to obtain extra traffic and high quality links.

How does it work? Ok, here is the situation! If you are an advertiser, you search through bloggers in different industries and at different price levels and choose the one that meets your goals.  If you are a blogger, you post your profile on their website talking about your website and then advertisers can nominate you for the job!

What is Blog Rolled?

Blog Rolled takes advantage of blog sitewide links on platforms such as WordPress. Bloggers post their blog for consideration, and then advertisers search through available blogs and can pay the blogger for a link! It’s as easy as that!

You can consider buying links that come from websites such as Inlinks, Pay per Post, and BlogRolled. The links coming from these websites are manipulated cleverly in content and they simply can’t be filtered. Simply said, if Google filters out the Inlinks, it would have no quality links left because it‘s nearly impossible to tell the difference! Fortunately for text link purchasers, there is hardly any chance of distinguishing between paid incoming links provided by sites mentioned above and natural links. Dataflurry’s stance is this, we definitely like the idea of these sites (especially pay per post) for search engine optimization efforts. The benefits to Pay per post is that you can see the website prior to obtaining a link and evaluate whether the site is ethical and also check to see if too many outbound links or advertisements are present.

Our concern with Inlinks is this; if these sites are overcrowded with links or if they link a lot to “bad neighborhoods”, that could raise flags – however that is my personal opinion and I could be incorrect. Just for everyone‘s knowledge, I have heard major success stories from using Inlinks as well, so this is a marketing practice you need to perform with caution.

Buy Inlinks To Get Higher Page Rankings

Buying Inlinks is easy. Pick up some relevant links at link sites such as Text Link Ads, or blogs sites such as Pay Per Post and BlogRolled. In any case you should remember that Google doesn’t particularly like such links and would rather have webmasters and SEO experts stopped using them. However, I believe that as a website owner it is your choice whether you want to pay for links or allow your link building campaign to take a little longer to give you the desired results.

Ultimately, if you can avoid buying links, I would do so – because the best sites on the web don’t actively do this. The best sites on the web create great websites that create publicity and attract links. I will leave this one up to our readers!

This may sound crazy, but dominating the search engines for a lawyer or attorney is a lot easier than many would think.  Lately with all the success we are providing to legal clients, it has made me contemplate becoming an attorney knowing how much money is in it for those that succeed online.  These tactics have helped us grab top rankings for major search phrases in major metropolitan areas such as Los Angeles, Kansas City, New York City and more.

We have been in the organic search engine marketing industry for over 15 years, and constantly test new methods of search marketing, and we have found this one to be nearly fail-proof.

Ultimately, for a lawyer to succeed in organic search engines, they need 2 things. They need quality on-site optimization and they also need quality inbound links. Now, you may need to contact professional seo consultants for the on-site optimization part, but obtaining good links is easier than many would think, you just need to know where to look.

After you have a properly optimized website catered to obtain top rankings for all major keywords your firm is applicable too, you must obtain links from these websites.

Justia (gets you a listing at
Attorney Find
Yahoo Legal Directory Legal Directory

Some of these links are completely free, and others cost a minimal monthly fee However, these links carry so much weight because they are from reputable websites with an online reputation and trust from the major search engines.

This may seem like a simple article that is very “to the point”, however this writeup is worth its weight in gold to lawyers and attorneys across the United States.

SEO Trends 2009

goya091While predicting trends for the year are not like fortunetelling, they do tend to be a means of gainful employment! The changing pace of the SEO world throws up interesting tendencies each year. Each year provides  landmark changes. Let’s see what changes are predicted in the search engine optimization industry for 2009. I’ll like to break up this list into two parts: Tactics & Strategy and the Industry Trends.

Strategy & Tactical Trends

Content = KING (Still)

Links are valuable SEO currency in the kingdom of content. So, the best way to succeed online is to have content that pushes you higher on the ranking ladder. The higher you rank, the more authority you have and vice versa. Whether you are a product-based online business or a service-based one, you must share your knowledge and experience in the form of blog posts, articles, eBooks, or other types of unique content ideas to attract authority links. Also, try to vary your content offering. Don’t just stick with articles and blog posts. Go on and experiment with video clips, news, images and more.  Creating quality information that is informative, unique and providing authoritative information will help you succeed without constant effort.

Go Video!

Videos have much more appeal than content only. Don’t believe me? In October 2008, more than 100 million people visited YouTube, while an average visitor saw 90+ videos the same month. As astonishing as these numbers are, video marketing is one of the most happening SEO trends for 2009. Don’t wait too long, or your competition will beat you to the finish line! Videos do a few things for you. They will generate links to your website. They will keep visitors on your site for extended periods of time and lowers bounce rates. I foresee the search engines taking these things in to consideration in the future when ranking websites.

Individualized Search Results

goya09Getting search results that are personalized to your needs has been at the threshold of search innovation for the last couple of years. As it goes mainstream this year, Google gives us stuff like SearchWiki, Preferred Sites etc. You can now search location-wise too. Localized search is HOT! It may not be possible for you and your friend located in two different parts of the world, to see the same search results. So, what does this mean for online businesses? Simply that it’s not about where you rank on the ranking ladder, but it’s more about how much traffic you are generating and what your conversion rate is.

Industry Trends

Greater SEO Awareness

Long gone are the days when SEO could scare online business owners still! Today, SEO is like Cricket. Everyone knows about it; some love it, others love to hate it. But no one can ignore it! With more and more small online business owners showing interest in SEO and the reasons to adopt it, there is bound to be an increase in the competition, putting a premium on choosing between a SEO consultant or getting it done in-house.  Also, more businesses are opting for PPC as many SEO agencies drop the ball for organic SEO clients, leaving them feeling like there is no other option to succeed online in this highly competitive online world.

SEO In-house

Continuing on the same note, it can be said that in-house SEO has never been more accepted or popular than this year. All companies, irrespective of the size are recognizing the need for a dedicated team to come up with and implement the best SEO strategies to get the best results. However, if you can obtain a talented enough organization – you can succeed from the knowledge and fundamentals that an agency can provide.

In our next post, we will continue from where we have left off with the remaining SEO trends 2009. So keep reading…

Joel McLaughlin

new-jerseyNew Jersey companies are aware of the need to use successful internet marketing to aid them in generating more website traffic to their business websites. Online marketing is used in many different ways, but the most productive and flourishing advertising is accomplished through New Jersey search engine marketing. Search engine marketing concentrates on the advertising methods a company uses to increase their rank on search engines. For the most productive methods and search engine optimization (SEO) tools, most successful businesses are enlisting online search engine marketing (SEM) firms. SEM firms employ their expertise search engine optimization skills to aid websites like yours in gaining more notoriety on the best search engines. Our agency offers affordable seo packages to meet your needs.

Most people in the United States have become heavily dependent on advancing technology, especially with the relatively recent birth of the internet. As a result, many New Jersey citizens have become enthusiastic internet shoppers. Google and Yahoo, two of the most popular search engines on the internet, have become the tools online consumers use to aid them in finding the products and services they want from a variety of available online companies. Understandably, though, most search engine enthusiasts don’t often search any farther than the first page or two of results listings when looking for the items they need. There are many potential reasons for this, including time and possibly slow internet connections. A majority of consumers, though, think that the best companies to shop for what they want are those that fall within the first few pages of results listings. Therefore, if your website isn’t listed front and center, you aren’t likely to get a lot of new online traffic to your company.

Search engine marketing services are becoming more and more popular than conventional advertising methods because of the increasing number of New Jersey residents who use the internet for all their shopping needs. The popularity of online shopping causes more New Jersey businesses to create websites each day, and  there are hundreds or possibly thousands of companies just like yours trying to sell the same products as you online. Because of the huge amount of online competition out there, it’s crucial to your New Jersey company to implement search engine marketing techniques that will push you to the top of the results listings on search engines.

Search engine marketing consultants have the experience and the know-how to place your website exactly where it needs to be on search engine result listings—towards the top. SEM consultants are educated in the latest trends of online search engine marketing, and they employ all their training and expertise to put your business’ website at the peak of search engines result listings. They can achieve this by employing SEO techniques in keyword research, link structuring, and networking media, to name a few popular and productive SEM methods. Keyword research is and especially advantageous method of generating greater traffic and prospective clients to your business’ website. Although using SEO techniques does not promise an instant return on your search engine marketing investments, SEM consultants will be able to offer you ways to bring more potential clients to your company website.

Whenever hiring a New Jersey Search Engine Marketing company; ensure that they offer the following services (bare minimum).

– On-Site Meta & Title tag optimization
– URL Optimization (if needed)
– Content Creation to meet your new keyword goals
– Inbound link building (links from other websites)
– Website updates to show the search engines your site is active

nevada-roadsThe number of online consumers in Nevada is growing at a rapid rate each year, and businesses there have taken notice of this popular and lasting trend. Most major businesses there have created websites to sell their products and services, or simply to advertise them when they are unavailable to sell online. But even though the internet is a great way for companies to sell their products online, many businesses in Nevada aren’t reaping the full benefits of online consumers because they aren’t getting enough traffic to their websites. The most common reason behind this problem is that consumers aren’t seeing these websites on search engines. It’s common knowledge that most online consumers turn to search engines like Google and Yahoo to find companies and products that can supply their needs, but most websites advertised through these search engines aren’t even seen on the results listings. This is why so many Nevada businesses have chosen to improve the visibility of their websites on popular search engines using Nevada search engine marketing.

The benefits of shopping online are seemingly endless. Consumers are able to look in a variety of stores online all at the same time while never having to step out of their homes. They save travel time and money on gasoline while still enjoying a shopping experience. As the average person’s day becomes busier, online shopping also allows consumers to shop when they want and for as long as they want, whether it be a few minutes or a few hours. The time consumers spend on online shopping can be cut even shorter by using search engines to help them find the exact products or services they’re looking for without having to look too hard. Search engines populate with results listings when consumers type in keywords, and the websites at the top of the listings, those that are classified as having the most relevance to the keywords entered, are the ones that receive the most website traffic. A majority of consumers are content with the belief that the only websites worth looking at top the list of search results, though that may not truly be the case. What this means, though, is that if your website isn’t at the top of the search result listings, it may never be seen by your prospective customers.

Because of the popularity of search engine usage, companies in Nevada are turning to search engine marketing specialists to help them generate an increase in website traffic. Search engine optimization (SEO) firms use SEM tools like search engine optimization (SEO) to increase a website’s placement on search engines like Google and Yahoo. Some of the most productive SEO tools used are key phrase analysis, socialized media marketing, and link building. The SEM firm you choose to invest in will work with your company on a personal basis. They will also be knowledgeable enough to determine the specific needs of your company in order to increase traffic to your website and potentially draw in more new business.

Joel McLaughlin / Dataflurry internet marketing

Are you a Kansas City criminal defense lawyer with your own practice? Or a Los Angeles personal injury attorney? Or do you have your own Law Firm? In a competitive world, you will need to be a step ahead of your strongest competitors. But how do you do it? The answer is fairly simple: you need to have high visibility over the Internet. The Internet is a huge playground that can accommodate civil, criminal and other lawyers apart from other professionals as well. So don’t be surprised if you find your competitors using this medium to advertise their services too. What you really need to do is be there – be visible – be a part of the virtual world!

There are lawyers who are based in Washington or Seattle but don’t have a website and hence when an internet user searched with words like Washington or Seattle Lawyers, these lawyers will not figure in the Google search pages. So basically if you are not there over the internet, you will be losing out on a lot of prospective customers.  If you type Washington attorney in Google search then it will bring up 174,000,000 pages – that is a lot of competition!

Secondly, if you do have a website then what could really prove to be a damper is the possibility that your competitor’s website comes up on higher pagerank than yours when you search on Google. That’s when you know that it’s time to take some immediate steps to increase your presence and attract targeted audience.

Well! However simple it may seem, SEO, and PPC are the need of the day! Stop asking why you need to be visible over the internet, start asking what more can you do to make yourself or your firm visible so that more and more people can hire your services.

Google will rely on the content or the copy on your website for establishing the ratings. So you need to focus on your content. Your content needs to be relevant, keyword driven, and helpful. Relevant means that your content should provide the necessary information that a probable client might be looking for. Keyword driven websites utilize content should have some of the important words within, this will help bring your website up when typed in Google. Words like Kansas City criminal lawyer, Los Angeles injury lawyer, Connecticut Divorce Lawyers, Arizona immigration lawyers etc.  To help grab those top rankings, you must hire a talented law firm internet marketing company to meet your needs.

Here are some statistics that might help you understand how keyword research and use is important for enhancing search engine optimization and for getting high visibility on Google as well as other search engines:

Google Pages for keywords in February 2009
Chicago/ Keyword:  Chicago attorney:
Google Pages – 8,940,000
Los Angeles/Keyword:  Los Angeles lawyer:
Google Pages – 24,800,000
Miami/Keyword:   Miami lawyer
Google Pages – 659,000
New York/Keyword: New York attorney
Google Pages – 18,000,000

So you can imagine how important it is to have the right content so that you can not only get traffic to your website and also increase your client base but be amongst the top 10 in Google pages.

If you are needing extra traffic through search engine results, consult a talented and proactive law firm internet marketing company to meet your needs.

Joel McLaughlin
Learn more about Lawyer Search Engine Marketing

Arizona (picture of Scotttsdale)

Arizona (picture of Scottsdale)

Arizona companies are aware of the increasing importance of using progressive internet marketing to help them gain greater traffic to their websites and greater attention to their products. Online marketing can include an assortment of online advertising techniques, but the most success in the online world today is often achieved through search engine marketing. Search engine marketing refers to any number of the advertising methods a business uses to increase their website’s placement on search engines, and for the best online promotional methods available, most Arizona businesses are hiring online search engine optimization (SEO) firms. SEM consultants use their expertise in search engine optimization to help websites gain greater website traffic by popularizing them on search engines.

The majority of the industrial world today has become almost completely dependent on technology, particularly the internet. As a consequence, many Arizonans have quickly become passionate online shoppers, and many of them use search engines to help them find what they want. Unsurprisingly, however, most search engine users don’t typically look any farther than the first page or two of results listings when shopping online. Although there could be many reasons for this trend, including time and possibly slow internet connections, a lot of online shoppers tend to think that the only companies that sell what they’re looking for are those that populate within the first few pages of results listings. This is obviously untrue, for there are many websites that may offer the sought-after products, but this is the belief of many consumers nonetheless. Therefore, if your company website isn’t listed within these first few pages, you may be missing out on quite a bit of online traffic and many potential internet customers.

Professional search engine optimization firms have the expertise and skills necessary to help move your website toward the top of the results listings on search engines. SEO consultants are well-informed of the newest and most productive trends in online search engine marketing, and they use their knowledge and training to effectively promote your website throughout the internet. They accomplish these goals by employing search engine optimization (SEO) techniques in key phrase research, link building, networking media, and more. Key phrase research is a particular beneficial method of generating website traffic increases to your website. Although SEO techniques do not assure an instant financial return on your search engine marketing ventures, SEM consultants will most likely be able to increase traffic to your company’s website, bringing in potential customers köpa cialis.

Website marketing is quickly becoming even more popular than traditional advertising methods because of the rising number of Arizonans who go to the internet for all their shopping endeavors. The ease and simplicity for consumers that online shopping provides is causing more Arizona businesses to create company websites daily, and because of the trend, there are now potentially dozens of companies online selling the same types of products. Because of the growing amount of online rivalry out there, it’s essential to your company to employ Arizona search engine marketing techniques that will drive you to the top of search engine results listings.

Although, we can’t guarantee tremendous success for every client, we can guarantee traffic growth. Below is a case study of one of our client websites

In this video we compare organic search costs to pay per click search costs and help you to understand the potential of creating a website that is search friendly and successful.

We recommend all websites create large amounts of search friendly content to ensure that the search engines have valuable information to deliver positive search results.

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