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Los Angeles Afternoon SkylineEven though many businesses in California have yet to offer online service on their websites, most of the major ones are using search engine marketing to help their companies attract new clientele. You may hate to admit it, but there are a lot of people today who either shop entirely online or use the internet to find the items and stores they’re looking for. This means that despite your desire and determination to stay offline, you could potentially be losing a lot of opportunities for new business. In order to increase your company’s chances of being more successful and more inviting to prospective customers, you may need to do as many other serious companies are doing by investing in California search engine marketing.

So how can search engine marketing increase the amount of website traffic you get to your website? Search engine marketing, or SEM, uses the latest, most effective online advertisement techniques to amplify your website’s notoriety on search engines. You may or may not be surprised to learn that a huge amount of online consumers actually use search engines like Yahoo regularly to look for their favorite products. You also may not be surprised that few of these consumers search through the multitude of results listings that populate when they type in what they’re looking for. So how can you get your website to show up higher on the list? Again, search engine marketing can come to your company’s rescue.

SEM is fundamentally built around specialized tactics used by online marketing consultants. It works to help advance your website’s repute on commonly used search engines. Key phrase analysis and research is one of the most important aspects of SEM, as well as pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimization. With the employment of an experienced SEO services company, your website can gain a higher ranking on the search engines your potential customers count on everyday.

Keep in mind that although the amount of traffic to your California website could dramatically increase, it won’t happen overnight. Just like any other form of advertising, search engine marketing takes time and persistence. Unlike other forms of internet marketing, however, SEM can be incredibly cost-effective relative to the amount of new business you could acquire. Traditional promotional techniques are often expensive, cliché and outdated. These reasons among other reasons make the customizable SEM techniques in which online marketing firms specialize unique, fresh and inexpensive.

So whether you manage a restaurant or own a consulting firm, search engine marketing can be one of the most significant investments you can make to increase traffic and potential revenue to your website. SEM consultants can also help you improve the atmosphere of your website, making it more appealing to your new traffic. SEM is now one of the most common and prolific advertising techniques California businesses can use to entice new website visitors to become happy customers. In addition, website marketing firms can do more for you than just make your website more noticeable on search engines.

Joel McLaughlin

1142177_cooperation_3Let’s step out of our normal way of thinking and consider what the major search engines ultimately are trying to accomplish. They want to provide the best and most accurate search results to website visitors. We are a select few people (SEO) that want to manipulate those results – and we often times do a pretty good job at doing that.

The search engines want to give top rankings to websites that “appear” to be growing naturally!  With that said, how can we convince the search engines of natural growth? Technically, a truly reliable website will have links from all sorts of resources! They will receive links from Forums, Home Pages, Site Sub pages, Blog Posts, Blog Rolls, Articles, Press Releases, Directories, Social Media and I believe in reciprocal linking right now as well! Reciprocal linking has helped my company obtain a top 10 ranking for Professional Search Engine Optimization in Google.

Now, let’s consider the best ways to obtain links from each of these resources!

  • Well, you could knock out two at once by exchanging links on your home page with another quality website similar in nature. I have seen tremendous growth using this tactic.
  • You can post in Forums with your link in your signature! I recommend posting in several different forums using unique signatures on each.
  • Ask to guest post on related blogs, present yourself as a professional in your industry.
  • Ask to be listed on Blog Rolls of relevant websites, but do it in a non-intrusive way!
  • Write and distribute articles and press releases to popular and free websites such as EzineArticles, ArticlesBase, Buzzle, PRLog, IdeaMarketers and some industry specific websites.
  • Exchange links, but make sure to only link to quality websites that are not doing anything suspicious. Google warns against excessive link building, don’t do it!
  • Obtain directory links – only from high quality directories!
  • Social media is a tricky one! You want people to index your website content that actually are active in Social Media – because their links will be much more valuable often times on sites like Digg and Propeller!

I hope that this guide helped, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on my post!

Joel McLaughlin

DataFlurry Professional SEO Consultants

New Jersey Picture

New Jersey Picture

Businesses in New Jersey are becoming more dependent upon the internet to aid their search for new business and greater customer satisfaction. Though word-of-mouth perhaps remains the best form of current advertising, a close second is a company’s website promotion and marketability. With the age of technology we live in today, however, it is surprising to many businesses that they still do not gain a lot of new business from their website or online advertisements. This problem is largely due to unsuccessful search engine marketing.  If a company is not promoted proficiently via the search engines on which so many online consumers depend, the website may never be seen and the generation of new business will be an unlikely occurrence. New Jersey Search Engine Optimization is needed for success!

Regardless of your New Jersey business, products, and services, search engine marketing can be a successful tool for your company. Search engine marketing, also known as SEM, combines a variety of online advertising techniques to help your website become more visible on the most commonly visited search engines. Your SEM consultants can design for you an individualized online advertising campaign designed specifically to meet the needs of your company’s website.

Generally, the most proficient online marketing consultants use search engine optimization as their main tool in search engine marketing. Search engine optimization (SEO) includes marketing gambits such as link building and keyword usage. Thorough research of keywords is done by seo consultants contingent on the sort of business you own, as well as and the services you promote. The best keywords are used in web blogs and articles written about your website, and also in links pointing to your website from other websites. After that, your website can be compared for applicability and pertinence to other websites on search engines. SEO consultants use their knowledge of online marketing to promote your website as being more relevant to search keywords than the websites of your competitors. Simply put, your website could rank higher on search engines than other websites like yours.

Once you’ve applied the abilities of your search engine marketing firm, you might still see little change in your online productivity. Although SEM tools are generally effective in bringing in new website traffic, some company websites are not visually appealing enough to acquire new customers. Many SEO consultants can help with this situation by using their proficiency in website design & layouts. Once your company is beautifully designed and is obtaining website traffic, you are much more likely to see an increase in business.

Recognize that when you’re working with search engine marketing, it’s imperative that you remain patient and determined. Most of the time companies don’t see instantaneous results. In fact, it can take several weeks or months to see a significant boost in your website’s traffic as web content for your company spreads across the internet. Yet for New Jersey businesses that are looking to increase their website’s visitation ratios and increase their overall earnings, optimal search engine marketing may be the prime solution. Talented search engine marketing & consulting firms have the knowledge and ability necessary to advance your company’s website and other online services.

Joel McLaughlin

Sample Law Video Screenshot

Sample Law Video Screenshot

According to a comScore study, it was found that 123 million Americans, or 70% of all North American Internet users, watched 7.2 billion videos over the Internet last year! Of course, these numbers have increased by now. However, this shows that videos are extremely powerful and an excellent way to promote your business over the Internet.

So, what exactly does this mean for law forms who want to use the online medium to market their services? Well, it means that the role of videos can’t be ignored in generating new clients. Here are our five reasons why you, as a lawyer, or your law firm must incorporate video advertising as part of your law firm Internet marketing strategy:

Get Closer To Your Prospective Clients: Audio-visual medium is extremely powerful in convincing people to make a purchase or hire a professional to address their needs. A video displayed on your law firm’s site talking about you can really convince members of the audience to contact you. Videos are excellent Internet marketing tools and if made properly can really play a crucial role in convincing the visitor that you or your law firm is the ‘Best choice’ for them. You can also use videos to portray that you are an expert in a particular field of law thereby improving your site’s conversion rate as well as attract the right audience.

Take Advantage of Google’s Video Search Results: Now, Google even offers thumbnails of the videos at the top of the search pages and allows you to watch them within your search results without ever leaving the results page. Since Google is constantly changing and improving their search, adding video results to search results is indeed a welcome improvement.

Get On YouTube Now: Most Internet marketing experts have a common consensus about YouTube’s effectiveness as an excellent promotional platform. YouTube now has 25% of all Google searches share. With over 75% share of video sites in the country, having your firm’s video on YouTube is one of the easiest and most effective Internet marketing methods to greater visibility! Moreover, audiences are also using YouTube like a search engine to find information. In November 2008 alone, 770 million searches were conducted on YouTube.

Upload Videos On Your Site: A well-tested recipe to get an edge over your competition! Anyone seeking a good lawyer will look over multiple sites and then make the first point of contact with a legal resource. The decisions are typically made after reviewing your firm’s website. However, by uploading videos about yourself and your areas of expertise, you are ensuring visibility, authenticity and instant connection with your prospective client, thereby differentiating yourself from the competition in a unique manner.

Video Marketing Is The New Mantra: Ask any e-marketer worth his name and he’ll tell you that online video marketing really works. Also, videos improve your conversion rates and generate greater targeted traffic increase.

We suggest that along with SEO, PPC and other online marketing techniques, you must jump on the online video marketing bandwagon for promoting your law practice and gain advantage by being the first few who realized it potential.

Joel McLaughlin

Dataflurry Search Engine Marketing

O'Connor Law Firm - Kansas City

O'Connor Law Firm - Kansas City

The Kansas City law firm of Matthew O’Connor’s has decided to place their long term search engine optimization needs in the hands of the DataFlurry.

Matthew O’Connor is a Kansas City Personal Injury lawyer that has been featured on television programs like “Fox News” and “Court TV”.  His reputation for success and his high quality services have helped him obtain an excellent name for himself as a Kansas City attorney.  His firm also represents Kansas City criminal defense clients.

We would like to thank Matthew for choosing Dataflurry for law firm internet marketing services and we look forward to creating a long lasting relationship!

If you are in need of search engine optimization services or website promotion – Please contact Dataflurry for a free consultation!

Joel McLaughlin | Dataflurry Internet Marketing | 602-626-7423

Investor Loans Website Preview

Investor Loans Website Preview

Phoenix Arizona loan officer Mani Bongiovanni has hired DataFlurry to help boost their search engine rankings under major terms such as FHA Loans Arizona and Investor Loans.  The search engine optimization is targeted towards two different websites – and

After researching out a large number of website marketing companies on the internet, Mani decided to go with the reliable and proven services of DataFlurry Website Promotion.

All too often lenders and and loan brokers can’t find a good fit for their internet marketing needs, because – let’s face it – there is a lot of competition on the internet, which makes it hard for smaller service providers in the lending industry to compete.

Mani is an industry veteran in the Arizona mortgage and lending arena, with over a decade of experience as a mortgage officer.  We are excited to work with this client, and we are eager to provide some stellar search engine optimization results.

Joel McLaughlin | DataFlurry

Addison Pre-Settlement Funding Thumbnail

Addison Pre-Settlement Funding Thumbnail

Addison PSF has chosen Dataflurry Internet Marketing to handle all website marketing (organic SEO and pay per click management) and design needs.

The main goal is to increase lawsuit loan and pre-settlement funding inquiries from clients across the continental United States. Within 2 weeks of building the website from scratch, inquiries are being obtained from targeted website visitors.

We will also be managing a blog for this client to help with their search engine rankings – the blog can be found at

You can preview the website in the screenshot below.

We look forward to helping them with their ongoing internet marketing needs. If you need quality website design or award winning search engine optimization – don’t hesitate to contact Dataflurry today at 602-626-7423!

Joel McLaughlin

legal internet marketing

legal internet marketing

The internet is not just a communication portal but it is also the biggest global market place. If your law firm is visible on the Internet, you will not only get clients from your city but also from other cities in your state and from other states. According to a survey by NetApplications in January 2009, around 93% of all Internet traffic actually begins at some of the top search engines like Google and Yahoo! So that is what you need to focus on!

The only way to achieve high internet visibility and popularity is by applying the important principles underlined in search engine marketing. Search engine marketing, also known as SEM is basically the process through which you can make several targeted changes on your law firm’s website. This will definitely help your legal website to attract traffic from some of the top search engines like Yahoo!, Google, and MSN.

Law firm Search engine marketing helps in getting your legal website higher ranking within top search engines. But here you need to understand that your main goal is not to achieve top 10 rankings in Google or Yahoo; it is to gain as many clients as possible. The idea is to have a higher number of qualified leads as well as a higher conversion rate. In order to achieve this, you will need to consider the following aspects:

You will need to make several changes to your existing web site so that it can attract better qualified as well as targeted traffic from the top search engines. This is known as on-site optimization.

You will need to increase the number of inbound links. Your website should have good visibility in legal directories and various other websites where your prospective customers are expected to visit. For example: obtaining links in legal directories and from other law firm’s websites helps to improve your sites rankings. This is called off-site optimization and also referred to as Link Building.

On-site Optimization
All search engines as well as internet visitors have one thing in common – they are both hungry for updated content. If your website content is frequently updated then chances are that search engine spiders will be visiting your website more often and you will receive more targeted website traffic.

The only way to improve your search results is by updating your law firm’s website by using search engine friendly as well as prospective customer relevant content. Some of the areas that you need to focus include:

  • Use conversational, interactive and jargon-free content
  • Use proper phrases and grammatically correct content
  • Promote any unique expertise like criminal law
  • Include important references
  • Focus on improving meta tags as well as title tags for better search engine results
  • Create and manage a blog to provide regular updates to the search engines

Off-Site Search Engine Optimization
There are certain factors apart from design and website content that are capable of influencing your search engine rankings. One such factor is the inbound link, which is basically a link on a different website that helps in directing users to your website. This is an important factor because all top search engines identify this as a means of deriving credibility.

If you incorporate both on-site and offsite optimization processes as a part of your internet marketing strategy then it will benefit you in the long-run!

While working with large numbers of web sites and clients in the past, we have noticed that in amazingly large amount of traffic can be created by providing a wealth of information on our customers websites. We have had major success with certain customers by creating city and state specific pages to help acquire visits on a local and geographical targeted basis.

When you’re optimizing a website for the search engines, you need to understand that the search engines are looking for pertinent yet in-depth information on your topic and specific niche areas. When it comes down to it, after you have researched out traffic producing keywords to target, you should focus on creating content that will drive traffic in unique niche areas. So, for example, if you were a local carpet cleaning business in Arizona; you would create pages focused on each city talking about the different services that you offer. What this will do for you is increase your sites relevance, provide more specific information about your topic, and the end result will be a higher ranking website; content is king. Another great idea to consider is creating a frequently asked questions section on your website. You should answer each question in your FAQ section and have a unique page for each question, this will increase the relevance for specific information.

All too often website owners will simply sprinkle words on their homepage or services page, but the days where that tactic worked in the search engines are over. You need to focus more on creating your website as a viable resource full of information, instead of a simple resume with pertinent keywords all bunched together.

The same can be said for e-commerce websites, you need to place a large amount of information specifically about your products (including part numbers, colors, sizes, and other unique attributes) in the product description. Doing so, will increase the relevancy and capture a large amount of long string keyword searches. We have seen e-commerce websites triple or quadruple traffic by simply fine-tuning meta-tags and improving product descriptions.

If you are looking for a company that understands what is needed to bring your traffic to a whole new level, consider talking to a DataFlurry representative. We have over a decade of experience researching keywords, creating great content, and finding unique niche areas to drive traffic to a website in a short period of time.

Joel McLaughlin
DataFlurry proven website marketing and search engine optimization

Read an article by Dataflurry’s owner Joel McLaughlin on SEO Today entitled “SEO Yesterday Today & Tomorrow

I have to send a “thank you” to James Kendall for giving me this opportunity to share with his websites audience about Search Engine Optimization.

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