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Choose a custom built strategy with personalized service. Dataflurry lawyer seo services have proven results and a long list of very happy clientele! Dataflurry does not place their client's into long term contracts; we believe that our customers should become a long term partner of Dataflurry based on their satisfaction with our services.

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Tired Of Under Performing SEO Services

About Our Search Marketing for Law Firms

Dataflurry is a small law firm internet marketing company. Each of our team members contribute an average of 10 years of experience individually to promoting website's in Google, Yahoo and now Bing!

We are extremely confident about our attorney SEO services; so much in fact, that we don't place our law firms into contracts like the other 90% of internet marketing companies. You won't want to leave once you experience the quality and personalized serivce that Dataflurry provides to our legal clients.

Stop searching for new clients, and make them search for you!

Increase new client inquiries with Dataflurry Law Firm SEO.

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Why Our Attorney Website Marketing Is Different

We don't simply provide you with a page one ranking. When hiring Dataflurry for law firm website promotion, you are choosing to work with a team of Law Firm search engine optimization specialists that have been promoting legal websites since the internet was in it's infancy. We understand that a large list of keywords that all rank powerfully is key to really succeeding online. One popular ranking often times doesn't produce the types of results a business owner would expect. We have been optimizing website's before Google was even a search engine! We know how to target a healthy mix of more competitive and less competitive terms to ensure that you capture the largest potential audience in the natural search results!

We beat the multi million dollar law firm internet marketing companies in Google for our own services, so that says something about the knowledge and expertise of our services!

Lawyer Search Engine Marketing Testimonials

"I could not be happier with DataFlurry and their law firm internet marketing for The O'Connor Law Firm. Even
though we have only been working with them a short time, we have already seen dramatic results. Given the
highly competitive nature of Personal Injury Law, I am even more impressed. The level of customer care and
responsiveness is unparalled. I would certainly recommend Dataflurry's attorney search engine optimization
team to anyone with SEO needs."

Matthew J. O'Connor | The O'Connor Law Firm

I offered to provide Dataflurry with a testimonial after only 1 month of working with them. Within the first
month they were able to meet most all of the goals we had outlined to be accomplished within a 6 month
time frame, so we are extremely excited and happy with these services and look forward to further success.
We have finally found a reliable and knowledgeable optimization firm to guide our website's organic rankings.

Gregg | Attorney from Indiana

Dataflurry is a great SEO firm to work with. We hired them to help us with SEO in a very competitive legal market, one of the most competitive in California if not the U.S. Within 30 days we started to see marked improvements in our rankings and placement on Google. The team at Dataflurry is responsive, helpful, and professional. We had alot of questions and they answered all of them. Our firm went from having a few terms on the first page of Google and Yahoo to having 33 terms on page one, and now many terms appear on page one. We have had a significant increase in traffic to our website, and the number of calls per week to our office has jumped, especially in one particular area, federal crimes. We have picked up new cases and clients from Dataflurry's work on our business, and we feel that the team there actually cares about helping us, not that we are just another client who gets lost in the shuffle. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Matt Sullivan | Attorney at Bay Area Criminal Lawyers in California

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Tired Of Under Performing SEO Services

We Give Attorneys A Cutting Edge

DataFlurry works with one type of client; law firms & attorneys that want to succeed online and expand their marketing efforts effectively! A majority of our customers have been with 2-3 other companies before working with Dataflurry, nearly all are still clients of the Dataflurry family. We pride ourselves in always attempting to under promise and over deliver.

We have obtained top 10 Google rankings for hundreds of major legal markets including Los Angeles, Kansas City, New York, Chicago, San Diego, San Francisco and so many more.

Lawyer Marketing Experience Is Key

Average industry experience for a search engine optimizer is 2 years. Here at Dataflurry, our search engine optimization employee's have over 10 years of experience on an individual level. Our actual owner works on a large majority of our client's websites (now how is that for service!).

You Be A Lawyer, We'll Put You In Front Of Prospective Clients

We don't simply give you the tools to help yourself succeed; like many lawyer & attorney search engine marketing agencies. We let you be an attorney, while we propel you to the top of the search engines and put you in front of new prospective clients. Our founder is actively involved in promoting our clients websites to ensure quality control and to ensure the success of our clients (now that's service). When you want your search engine marketing performed properly, go to the team of experts at Dataflurry with over a decade of experience in this field.

Who We Can Help!
General Attorneys
Accident Attorneys
DUI Attorneys
Law Offices / Law Firms
Business Law
Malpractice Law
Personal Injury
Internet Law & More!

What is Law Firm search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the improvement of website elements, content and external link popularity - which are the 3 keys to ranking high in Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, ASK, AOL and other search engines. Lawyer & attorney search engine optimization services can bring your business to a whole new level, and help to dramatically improve your marketing budgets ROI. Unfortunately, many customers that choose Dataflurry have already spent large sums of money with different companies and then decided to do it right the second, third or fourth time! Don't waste your time and money on inexperienced companies that appear to be quality vendors... Ask questions, obtain a prospectus and obtain testimonials and references! Doing so is a great way to ensure you are working with a solid company.

What Will DataFlurry Do For My Attorney Website To Help My Search Engine Rankings?

Search Engines


  • We start by identifying highly visited keywords relating to your business. Then we map out a plan of action for implemention in to your website. Some times this means development of new pages and content, and some times it simply requires updating current website content.

  • We review various elements of your web site to identify segments that need to be improved. We ensure that navigation is simplified to help the search engines to crawl all of your pages and properly rank them. We also make sure that your internet linking structure tells the search engines which pages are most important.

  • Matching your website objectives to specific keywords. We will derive a list of all keywords pertaining to your industry and geo targeted areas. We focus on key terms that are extremely targeted, so that you will be able to convert visitors into clients instead of just increase your website traffic.

    We definitely also focus on keywords that gain traffic; however we make sure to bring traffic that is targeted and convertable. We have over 10 years experience analyzing and improving keyword reports and data.

  • Link Building - Search engines use a "voting" type of system when providing search engine results to search users. The more popular your website, the more it is trusted; and the end result is that your website will rank higher. Instead of people actually voting for your website, the search engines count links pointing at your website as votes. The higher number of quality links pointing to your website, the better your website will be trusted. However links need specific characteristics to ensure they are valued by the search engines. Website's that aren't properly designed can beat websites with perfect optimization for popular search phrases, this is because links are more important than website design to the search engines.

    We are experts at finding the best links that make the biggest impact. Many SEO companies don't understand how to find quality links and waste their time and your money on links with little value. DataFlurry understands how to find quality links that really impact your website ranking in the search engines. One quality link can out perform hundreds of less powerful links. We obtain links from a variety of intuitive methods including press releases, blogs, articles, directories, manual link building requests, creating new websites & we also regularly research the competitions links to obtain those top rankings.

Get a FREE SEO consultation today if you are ready to get started!
Let our search marketing experts analyze your website free! We'll create a detailed internet marketing proposal for your law firm and provide recommendations on how to enhance your website to obtain better search engine rankings. Begin succeeding online today!

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A Couple Of Testimonials Below!
No words can truly express how DataFlurry has been a major help and security to me and my company...

Website traffic has never been higher and I am ranking very well under hundreds of traffic producing key terms...

I had previously spent huge sums of money with another well known seo company. It turns out that I learned more and accomplished more success with DataFlurry's help in hours than I did in months of service from my previous SEO company..

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