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Client Testimonial

"I contracted with Joel from Data Flurry to develop keywords for my site and to give me guidance on how to improve my traffic. Joel optimized the keywords for me and we have already noticed an increase of traffic. The best part about the increased traffic and hits is that they are quality leads."

Maureen Karpinski

Pay Per Click Management | Paid Advertising Campaigns

Dataflurry's Pay Per Click Management and Paid Advertising Services in collusion with elaborate search engine optimization techniques are precisely designed to help bring your website's online visibility to an entirely new level.  We work aggressively from the ground up to evaluate, strategize and implement a plan regarding your website design, marketing campaign and organic search presence on the search engine results pages (SERPs).  All while boosting your website popularity on the internet through paid branding, press releases, links and other tools to drive your brand to a higher level; resulting in better results.

Overview of Pay Per Click Management

Pay-per-click advertising isn't just built around the highest bidder receiving the best search engine ranking. In fact, with major search engines (including Google) click thru performance is a major factor in determining the cost per click! If you hire a firm that understands time-tested and proven strategies to obtain higher click-thru rates - you can dramatically decrease pay per click costs! Our SEO consultants and Pay Per Click consultants can help you succeed!

What are click-thru rates?

Click thru rates are the amount of times your ad is clicked compared to the number of times your ad is displayed in the search results.
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Don't pay more than your competition for each click.

Search engines want to display advertisements that obtain high click thru rates; and they will give you superior placement over higher cost bids if you can improve click thru rates!

For Example: If an advertisement gets a 4% click thru rate and pays $0.50 cents per click, they will receive a higher ranking than a company receiving a 1% click thru rate and paying $1.00 per click! This may sound crazy, but it is true! The search engines would much rather display the $0.50 advertisement than the $1.00 advertisement because it will make them more money, plain and simple! This analogy should show you the value in hiring talented PPC consultants.

  • We ensure that our clients money is being spent on clicks that convert
  • We improve conversion rates by developing landing pages that convert
  • We help decrease bounce rates with proven tactics and standards
  • We make proactive choices to benefit your website, instead of being reactive to complaints
  • We focus on decreasing CPA (cost per acquisition) costs
  • We shave away excess and wasteful spending from your PPC campaign
  • We don't use automated software and forget about your account

Data Flurry is a talented paid advertising company focusing on providing educated industry knowledge to improve pay per click ROI.

The DataFlurry Strategy
We have spent a considerable amount of time developing a strategy that is efficient and produces high return on investment results. This is the same strategy we use on all client sites, including our own website itself:

Our Search Engine Marketing Services Include:

Content analysis - Upon request we analyze your content to find out what changes are required to increase your website's conversion rate. We review navigation, promotional language, images, content, and your competitions sites to make sure that you are set apart as a leader in your industry. Our marketing team will then discuss with you several of our strategies that we would like to implement to increase customer conversions. For website's targeting a large array of terms, we will often times create landing pages for specific phrases.

Current visitor analysis - We will implement several analytics programs in to your WebSite so we can see website trends, conversion history and patterns from your website visitors. During this process we are finding out why people might be leaving your website and what keywords work at converting visitors to customers.

Current visitor analysis makes it easier to improve your paid advertising results, because it assists us in writing better ads, strengthening your marketing initiatives, and helps us to create higher-sales on your website.

Keyword analysis - After we have analyzed your current visitors, it is now time to take a look at new keywords we are going to promote. We will send you a keyword analysis worksheet for you to fill out. This will help you to provide us with keyword ideas that you believe would pertain to your industry. We will then evaluate the worksheet provided to us and review these keywords. We will attempt to derive more in-depth key phrases from your list that we can utilize to acquire lower cost per click terms.

Implementation - From this point we will focus on implementing your PPC campaign. Focusing on creating unique ads for all major key terms so that your click-thru rate remains high which will in turn lower your cost per click. Companies can save thousands of dollars per month by increasing click thru rates and decreasing cost per click rates (without even lowering rankings in the search engines)

Tracking of results - Once we implement a strategy, we will track the results. We find out which methods are working to increase click thru rates and which keywords are converting visitors in to customers. Ultimately, this information will allow us to understand the best places to allocate money and improve overall profitability.

The end result is a higher conversion rate, more qualified traffic and increased sales! It's a beautiful thing.